Having a useful person as an aid while you are performing large scale works with a sewing machine is something that is not always feasible or acquirable. We know this better than anyone, as the feedback we get from our clients and customers is usually constituted with some form of wishing that they had something more supportive in their projects.

Some of the benefits that come from owning a sewing machine table are truly stunning in their advantageous nature. Having the ability to cut and sew large materials together is something that most sewers eventually want and need, as the urge to go bigger tends to rise over a fair amount of time. As for us, we are big fans of the common phrase, “go big or go home,” as it constitutes the very definition of what our tables provide.

Our Fashion Sewing Cabinets 98 Cutting and Crafting Table With Three Drawers aids in the production of large projects by supporting sewers like yourself with these beneficial features:

  • With its 3 fashion cabinets, the ability to traverse in either forward or reverse stitching methods can be easily accomplished and aided with the close proximity of having your tools and materials right there with you
  • Its compact drop leaf design easily supports the quick-actions needed in order for large projects to be adjusted speedily
  • The tough T edge with rounded corners provides another way for you to place your large fabrics out on the table and maneuver them with ease, regardless of what type of stitch you are using