As fun and exciting as machine quilting may be, there are times when it makes us all want to just scream in frustration.

Precision quilting machines like the Grace Q'nique 15 Pro Midarm and others can be temperamental sometimes and take some tweaking when setting up to work on a new project or a new part of your current project.

Thread Issues Top The Frustration List!

Of all the things that can go wrong with your quilting machine, thread problems have the misfortune to top the list.

Thread tension issues are common; however, it’s not the only thing you might deal with that’ll raise your blood pressure and get you swearing.

The good news is that two of the most frequent and annoying thread problems we all experience with our machines are an easy problem to solve!

The Bobbin’s Empty Again?

Have you ever been working along, lost in the moment, feeling super good at how your quilt is turning out and the boom - reach the end of a section and realize that your bobbin ran out minutes ago and there’s no bottom thread?

We’ve all been there, seeing that top thread pull right out and the fabric layers come apart - ooh, that is really frustrating!

Well, here are two ways to reduce the chance of that happening so you won’t be re-stitching your top quilt while your blood pressure soars:

  • Use Bigger Bobbins - A lot of quilting machines now can accommodate large capacity bobbins that let you sew longer before running out of thread. Although you’ll still need to pay attention and keep checking your thread level, using a larger capacity bobbin will lower your chance of blissfully stitching along without realizing you’ve got no lower thread.
  • Use Bobbins On Top and Bottom - If you want to make watching out for bobbin level easier, just load up a dozen or so bobbins if you’re using the same top and bottom thread, then replace your top spool with a bobbin; starting both threads at the same time, you can use the top thread bobbin as an easy gauge for when the bottom bobbin is also ready to run out!

Where Did That Thread Go?

Have you ever finished working on one segment of your quilt project, left your quilting machine for a little bit, then returned to start stitching another part and while setting things up, your bobbin thread disappears down into the machine, or your top thread comes out of the needle?

This is another silly, frustrating thing that leaves us needing to re-thread the machine before we can keep going, and sometimes that’s easier said than done.

One way to prevent that from happening, no matter how long you leave your quilting machine or what you do when you come back, is by using a thread keeper or saver.

What is a thread keeper?

A thread keeper is just a folded piece of scrap fabric used to keep both threads organized under the needle until ready to start sewing again.

Fold a square of fabric over and start stitch stitching, then stop just as your needle reaches the edge of the fabric and leave the fabric there with the needle down into the fabric until you come back.

When you’re ready to move on, just line up your project fabric in front of the needle and stitch off the keeper right onto the project, no thread ends lost or needles coming unthreaded!

Don’t Let Bobbins Give You High Blood Pressure!

It’s really frustrating when you’re happily working on a quilt using a great machine like the Grace Q'nique 15 Pro Midarm and get stopped in your tracks by silly bobbin problems.

Follow these two helpful tips and your thread problems will be a thing of the past!