The bobbin case is an essential part of every sewing machine. Housing the thread bobbin that provides the underneath, locking thread for machine sewing, there will certainly be problems if bobbin cases cannot function properly. To keep accessories performing as they should, owners of the Janome 8077 and other Janome sewing machines should regularly clean their machines, paying particular attention to the bobbin case area. Keeping this part of the machine clean and lint-free can prevent many problems.

Bobbin Case - A Real Lint Trap

Sewing machines must be kept clean, just like any other machine or appliance. The area that tends to become the dirtiest on any sewing machine is the bobbin case, an area that can collect large amounts of lint and fibers from fabric and thread. A dirty bobbin case can negatively affect how well a machine actually sews, especially if all that lint impedes the rotation of the rotary hook. To prevent stitch problems as well as other sewing machine issues, the bobbin area and the underside of the sewing surface should be cleaned periodically so there is no chance of lint balling up and interrupting the machine’s function.

Taking the Sewing Machine Apart

Cleaning sewing machines like the Janome 8077 is easy to do and it only takes a few minutes. Start with an unplugged machine with the needles removed and set aside or discarded and replaced with a new one. Remove the presser foot and needle plate according to the directions in the user manual provided with the machine. The thread bobbin and bobbin case must then be removed. If there is a bobbin basket or any other removable parts in the bobbin area, they should be removed as well. Set all of these sewing machine accessories aside and move on to cleaning the inside of the machine.

Cleaning the Sewing Machine

Once the machine has been taken apart, brush out any visible lint and dirt with a small lint brush. A pair of tweezers may also be necessary to get all lint out of the little crevices. A pipe cleaner brush can be very helpful, too. Some even prefer blowing the lint and dust out using a can of compressed air or vacuuming the area to suck it out. Just use whatever works best to remove the lint and dust that is stuck inside the machine. Clean all the parts that were removed so they are lint and dust free.

Once the inside of the machine and all sewing machine accessories have been cleaned, reassemble the machine. Before putting the bobbin and needle in, plug the machine back in and run it empty to make sure everything is still functioning. Replace the needle and bobbin last after everything else has been done.

Lint that collects under the needle plate as well as in and around the bobbin case is a normal occurrence when sewing machines are used. Since this cannot be prevented, it is important that owners of Janome 8077 sewing machines regularly take them apart to clean the bobbin area and under the needle plate. Similarly, when there are signs of trouble with the bobbin or with stitch quality, a good cleaning may be in order. Sewing machine owners should stop what they are doing, unplug the unit, take apart the removable sewing machine accessories, and then perform a thorough cleaning of the bobbin area. Often times, this is all it takes to get sewing machines back working like new again!

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