When setting up a well-equipped sewing room with a sewing cabinet and chair as well as all the other essential sewing furniture for handling the different steps of your project, don’t forget to include a pressing station.

Pressing is an important part of the sewing process, a task that you will undoubtedly need to do multiple times throughout your project.

You can make that task simpler and more convenient by adding something like a Sullivans Ironing Center Model 39282 as a pressing station to your room.

Sewing Furniture

Don’t Skip the Pressing!

As tedious and boring as this step in your creative sewing process may seem, it’s really important that you don’t skip the pressing.

Pressing your fabric flat before you measure and cut it ensures accuracy and pattern pieces that look and fit the way they should when stitched together.

Pressing can help you stitch straighter seams when you use it as a way to flatten and straighten the area you are stitching.

It also helps you have flatter, less bulky seams when you press the allowance flat and then stitch it down.

Basically, pressing is one of those really important details that, no matter how much you would like to do without it, definitely yields a professional and precise finish to your project.

Do You Really Need A Separate Pressing Station?

Yes, you should at least add a pressing station to your sewing room furniture.

Why? Because pressing is the thing we all want to skip the most, so a pressing station makes it easier to do.

You won’t have any excuse not to do it if you have a good pressing surface already set up and your iron is plugged in and ready to use.

A dedicated pressing station also avoids having to continually clear off other surfaces to set down a pressing board somewhere that is less than ideal.

Sullivans Ironing Center Model 39282

Setting Up A Pressing Station

Fortunately, setting up a pressing station to accompany your sewing cabinet and cutting station doesn’t have to be hard nor fancy.

Simply dedicating a space in your sewing room close to an outlet where you can keep an ironing board set up for immediate use when needed is enough.

You can get a little fancier by using an old dresser with a pressing board on top that can double as sewing room storage as well! DIY and HGTV aren't the only ones who can do this bit of useful restoration!

Sewing room pieces like a Sullivans Ironing Center with storage and a collapsible top surface can also work well when space is a little bit tight as it gives you a useful, adjustable pressing surface to use for smaller items without even opening the leafs.

Every Sewing Room Needs A Pressing Station!

Whether using an ordinary ironing board or a sewing cabinet designed specifically for pressing, you need to have one set up in your sewing room for quick, easy pressing.

Once you get into the habit of pressing everything, you’ll start to realize just how much of a difference this simple piece of sewing furniture can make in the success of your projects!