No matter what kind of sewing you like to do, a great sewing cabinet and chair makes the perfect sewing setup for creating amazing things!

A sewing cabinet like those made by Arrow Cabinets and Kangaroo Kabinets is the focal point of every well-equipped sewing room because they make sewing easier and more fun.

With so many cabinets choices, rest assured that you’re getting the right one for you by considering the different features available and which you want included in yours.

Machine Positioning - Flatbed and Freearm

The first thing to consider when purchasing a sewing cabinet for your machine is whether it offers flatbed positioning or is a tabletop model only.

With flatbed positioning, there is a mechanism that lowers the machine through an opening in the top of the cabinet so that the machine when used aligns with the work surface for comfortable, ergonomic flatbed sewing.

Cabinets that do not offer this feature are usually less expensive yet more restrictive by having to use the machine in tabletop or freearm positioning.

Machine Lift Mechanisms

More fully equipped Arrow cabinets may include a manual or mechanical machine lift such as a hydraulic or fully electric lift.

Before buying, make sure your specific machine fits through the opening, the lift can support the machine weight, and there is either a custom or universal insert to fit around the machine so there is true flatbed sewing without any gaps around the machine.

Sewing Cabinet Top Surface Area

Sewing requires a good amount of tabletop workspace in order for you to use your sewing machine easily and comfortably.

Some cabinets are very compact, providing enough space to work comfortably but little more than that, while others are larger and give you lots of space on which to work.

Some even have lift-up leafs and extensions to provide even more space, which is really great if you do a lot of quilting.

In order to make the right choice for your sewing needs, it is important to know what you like to sew, how much extra space you need, and how the cabinet is designed to provide that additional room.

Sewing Cabinet Storage

Another important feature of cabinets such as Kangaroo Kabinets is the amount of storage that it has been included in its design.

Some cabinets have no storage at all, while some may have a drawer, shelf, or storage bins mounted to the inside of a swing-out door that closes when the cabinet is not in use.

Other models like the Arrow 98702 Bertha in Cherry have more storage space available for your sewing accessories, machine parts, and other items and can also be modified with drawer organizer inserts, spool racks, embroidery hoop racks, and other storage accessories.

Cabinet Construction

There is a whole range of sewing cabinets available today, some very basic and designed for occasional use and others built for constant or professional use.

On the less expensive side of the scale, some cabinets are constructed from inexpensive material that may not be as sturdy or durable as what you need yours to be.

On the more expensive side, cabinets are made from metal, hardwood, and other durable material that can handle high use, heavy machines, large projects, and more.

No matter what other features a cabinet may have, at the very least it must be solid and sturdy enough to hold the machine and be safe to work with.

Summing Up Sewing Cabinets!

From basic sewing tables to luxurious cabinets with features galore, there is a sewing cabinet out there to fit every budget and sewing room.

When choosing yours, consider the important features you want and need, then make sure your sewing machine actually fits so you’ll have the perfect piece of sewing furniture to enjoy your hobby to its fullest!