One of the most obvious and essential sewing machine accessories needed by every sewer is good scissors. They are used for cutting fabric, thread, and making essential snips during the sewing process; sharp cutting instruments are necessary for any sewing project. Before sitting down behind Juki sewing machines such as the Juki MO1000, a person should always have a clean, sharp pair of sewing scissors handy to help out.

Always Use Sharp Scissors

Dull scissors can be the downfall of any sewing project; it is frustrating to the sewer and can damage the fabric as well. Dull fabric scissors will pull and stretch as they cut, affecting the edge of the fabric. Shears that are used for other purposes could be nicked or scratched, further damaging the fabric. It is essential that everyone sewing on sewing machines like the Juki MO1000 always have a dedicated pair of sharpened sewing scissors that are not used for anything else.

You Get What You Pay For

Quality fabric shears can be costly; however, they will last a lifetime. Most importantly, a better pair of scissors will stay sharp longer because they can be sharpened as necessary. Cheap sewing scissors dull easily and are more difficult to use and sharpen. Investing in a good pair of shears and having them sharpened when needed can actually be more cost-effective than buying a new pair of cheap shears when they dull or break. A good pair of metal fabric scissors should be one of those essential sewing machine accessories that every sewer has in their sewing kit.

Small and Large Scissors

Quality sewing scissors are an investment that, when routinely sharpened and cared for, will last a very long time. With this in mind, most sewers find it useful to purchase two pairs; a larger pair for cutting fabric and a smaller pair for use when hand or machine sewing. Everything could be done with the larger pair; however, it is easier to make precise cuttings with a smaller pair of fabric scissors. A pair of spring-loaded thread snips is another helpful accessory to go along with a set of high-quality sewing scissors.

Cut Easily And Effectively

A sharp, properly tightened pair of sewing scissors should cut almost effortlessly, requiring only guidance. For the best cut, shears should be held firmly but not tightly in the hand, with the forefinger supporting the side of the top blade. Cutting should be done in long, full cutting motions that stop before the tips of the shears completely come together. With the point of the shears sliding along the table or cutting mat, it is easy to accurately cut any fabric with a sharp pair of fabric scissors.

Before purchasing any other sewing machine accessories, every sewer should have a set of quality sewing scissors on hand to work with. By using sharp fabric scissors for necessary cutting and trimming, there is less risk of fabric damage and less need for sharpening or frequent replacement. Projects that are sewn on Juki sewing machines such as the Juki MO1000 will look their best with straight, unfrayed cuts that lead to neat, tight seams!

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