Stripes are fashionable, fun fabrics to use for sewing garments and other projects with a Juki sewing machine; however, working with stripes can be really frustrating if you don’t know the right way to cut and sew the fabric.

Before you throw up your hands and give up, try these tips so you can make beautiful items with a machine like the Juki HZL-G220 and attractive, figure-flattering stripes.

How to Cut Striped Fabric Without Going Awry

The biggest trick to using stripes for the things you sew with Juki sewing machines is knowing how to cut your pattern out correctly so the stripes look uniform when they are stitched together.

You can make sure your stripes stay aligned using this technique for cutting out pattern pieces:

  1. Align the Pattern Pieces - First, lay out all your pattern pieces so they are level to where they will be sewn into the pattern. Draw a continuous, level line across all the pieces as a means of lining them up later.
  2. Align the Fabric - Next, prepare your striped fabric by folding it in half with the right side in so the stripes lay straight over each other and pin the layers together. After pinning, check to make sure the stripes are actually straight by folding back one side to ensure they are laid directly over each other.
  3. Position the Pattern on the Fabric - Once the fabric is doubled and lined up, lay all your pattern pieces down in the direction the stripes should go. The line previously drawn across the pieces will help you ensure that the various pieces are arranged so they are level and correctly aligned on the striped fabric.
  4. Pin, Mark, and Cut - Pin all your pattern pieces into place to prevent them from shifting, then mark and cut them out. The stripes should remain perfectly aligned to stitch together correctly.

How to Align Striped Fabric To Stitch Straight 

Once your pattern pieces have been carefully cut out and you’ve confirmed the stripes are straight and all going in the right direction, it’s time to arrange the pieces for sewing on your Juki HZL-G220:

  1. Pay Attention to Side Seams - Whether you’re making a top, bag, or anything else, start out by first laying out the main pieces such as the bodice and align the stripes so they join together correctly at the side seams; baste the pieces into place.
  2. Add Sleeves or Other Adjoining Pieces - With the bodice or main part of your project basted with the stripes in place, set in your sleeves or other pieces that will get sewn on and align those stripes the same way. Baste the pieces into place as above.
  3. Check the Stripes - With the entire garment basted together, check all the seams to make sure the stripes go in the right direction and align correctly. Make adjustments as needed until everything aligns to your satisfaction.
  4. Sew the Pattern Together - Once everything lines up correctly, sit at your Juki sewing machine and stitch it all together. Your stripes should look wonderful in your finished project.

Success with Stripes Is All In the Setup

If you’ve ever wanted to sew some pretty striped fabric with your Juki HZL-G220 but been too intimidated to try it, have no fear.

You can take the mystery out of working with striped fabric when you follow these easy, yet important steps for setting up and aligning striped pattern pieces!

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