Many people who own older or more basic sewing machines may be tempted by the bells and whistles that today’s newer, premium Janome sewing machines may offer. They may also wonder whether they should invest in advanced units like Janome 8200 QCP sewing machines or if their current model is good enough, as it is. While it is true that not every person needs the features offered on many Janome and other advanced sewing machines, upgrading can be beneficial for some. The decision whether to purchase a new machine should be based on what type of sewing a person does and whether newer, more advanced sewing machines can help them sew easier and better.

Differences Between Older and Newer Sewing Machines

To determine whether investing in a newer sewing machine is a good idea, it is important to understand the two main ways that new machines, such as today’s Janome sewing machines, differ from older machines. Although older and simpler sewing machines may still sew just like newer ones do, the following differences between older and new, more advanced models may help a sewer determine whether purchasing a Janome 8200 QCP sewing machine or other newer models is worthwhile:

  • More Automated Functions - Older and very simple sewing machines perform the very basics in sewing, with few automatic features. For the occasional sewer, this may be fine. For those who spend many hours sewing, the option of automated features that speed up repetitive processes while producing more professional-looking results could be quite desirable. Many premium sewing machines available today have a long list of automated features that help with everything including making different kinds of professional seams, creating buttonholes in one motion, and even more. This saves time and effort and in many cases, greatly reduces the aggravation that can come with doing all these things manually.
  • More Easily Customized - Although not quite the same as automation yet still an added bonus, most newer premium sewing machines, including many Janome sewing machines, offer greater personalization. This means more control over how the machine operates, without having to buy attachments and accessories for everything. Built-in customization allows sew as desired in order to efficiently produce the best finished project without the cost and interruption of constantly adding and removing attachments to alter the machine’s function.

So What Is The Better Choice?

Considering the two main differences that premium sewing machines have over older, more basic machines, the choice still depends on the person actually using the machine. Some people are perfectly fine using a basic machine and find no problem sewing without a lot of automatic features. Other people enjoy the ease with which they can sew with automation and customization. Of course, there is always a learning curve involved when starting out with newer, fully-featured machines like Janome 8200 QCP sewing machines; however, the general consensus from those who make this investment seems to be that it is a good one.

While it is true that premium machines like Janome 8200 QCP sewing machines and other Janome sewing machines can be costly, the features that these machines offer make the price well worth it. Features like personalization and automation are extremely helpful for creating professional-looking garments and projects. Of course, in order to get the most from these sewing machines, one must actually use these features. Therefore, the decision whether replacing an older, more simple sewing machine with a premium, computerized model is best should be based on what it will be used for, how much the included features will help, and whether or not the sewer will actually take the time to learn how to use those features!

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