Ready for more ideas on skirt silhouettes for you to sew with your sewing machine?

From the mini to the maxi and a few in-between, here’s the final installment of our 3-part series explaining the different skirt shapes or silhouettes you can make with a machine like the Janome DC2015 and what your final result will look like.

You’ll be able to design your own skirt or search for patterns by style type so you can sew a beautiful skirt that will be perfect for an outing or just casual hanging out.

The Sarong Skirt

Sarong skirts are very popular and comfortable as they are essentially made of a larger piece of fabric that’s wrapped loosely around the body to flow down comfortably to whatever length is preferred.

Most don’t even have waists, as they are tied on using the specific sarong wrap in which the ends become the waistline when either tied or tucked in.

Sarong skirts require very little work on a sewing machine but can be embellished any way you like for a stylish and comfortable garment that’s a lot of fun to wear.

The High-Low Skirt

Another luxuriously flowing design, the high-low skirt looks exactly as its name suggests.

This skirt has a higher hemline in the front, usually just below the knee, and a longer hemline in the back that goes down to mid-calf.

This skirt can look great with a fancier blouse or equally attractive with a more casual top.

Made from soft, lightweight fabrics like brocade, satin, or silk, this is a lovely take on a simpler skirt.

The Mini Skirt

Another classic silhouette to try sewing on your Janome DC2015, mini skirts can be made from just about any fabric for different looks, the main detail being the shorter length.

Minis are skirts that have a hemline that ends somewhere above the knee.

These favorite skirts are worn in a variety of lengths that span from the normal mini to the extra short mini and are popular in denim, leather, suede, and other heavier fabrics as well as especially popular flowing lighter ones with patterns and plaids.

The Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is longer than a mini but shorter than a maxi, with an even hemline that ends right at the knee; it is the most popular and versatile skirt design worn.

Midi skirts can be made from any fabric and styled any way, from the typical flat design to pleats, wraps, or anything else.

The defining detail for this skirt is the length alone.

The Maxi Skirt

The last in the line of classic skirt designs is the maxi skirt, which is the opposite of the mini.

Maxis skirts have the basic skirt design but with a full-length hemline that ends at the ankles.

Like the mini and midi, maxi skirts can be made from almost any fabric and are popular in floral patterns and lightweight, looser, flowing fabrics.

They can even be dressed down, made from stretchy jersey, dressed up, or made from twill.

So Many Skirt Silhouettes to Choose From

Skirts are great projects to sew with a sewing machine like the fun and versatile Janome DC2015 as they are fairly easy to make compared to many other garments.

You can try any of these great silhouettes and even add your own flair, sewing a beautiful skirt in just a few hours.

With so many designs to choose from, picking the one you want may be the hardest part of your skirt project!

If you missed the first two article in this series, here are links to Skirt Silhouette Information – Part 1 and Skirt Silhouette Information - Part 2 - enjoy!


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