Is it that time of the year when you know that you have a boatload of sewing projects coming your way? Are your family and friends begging you to use your natural skills and sew and seam more? Have you been approached by a professional that wants you to start making clothes for them privately? Well, you’ll need something that will support large and demanding projects like this. That’s where one of our sewing machine tables come into play, as they are constructed with these and hundreds of other beneficial purposes in mind.

One of our amazing tables is our Fashion 387-Q Small Quilting & Embroidery Table. It has a ton of different beneficial perks, such as:

  1. Its been designed with the user in mind
  2. It has a manual lift that’s been specifically designed to be easy-to-use
  3. It has an optionally added 4-drawer caddy you can order with it
  4. It has a highly advanced modular component
  5. It comes with drawer glides that can be fully extended
  6. Its laminate top has been contoured from the highest materials and processes
  7. Its measuring tape is ready for the quickest and fastest of references and utilization
  8. It comes with one drawer that has a neat space for caddy
  9. Its lift is manual and it has a very useful 2 positions in which is can be placed
  10. Your machine will not hide away when the lift is used
  11. Its been designed gorgeously, with an intrinsic value
  12. It has an attached and easy-to-drop or insert leaf
  13. Its front panel can actually be removed, which is a major advantage

Lastly, this table offers the user speed, lightning fast speed!