Spring is here and you know what that means - spring cleaning. This year, set aside some time to clean and organize your sewing cabinets and sewing room. Arrow sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98901 Auntie Em are great additions to any sewing space; however, it’s easy to let clutter and dust take over after a while.

Clean and organize before you begin your next project and you will remember all the great benefits you got when you originally set up your sewing space.

A Clean Workspace

If you have been sewing for any length of time, you know that it doesn’t take long for sewing cabinets and even the entire room to be covered in dust, lint, and little fabric scraps and trimmings.

They seem to get everywhere after a while and can even make using your machine more difficult. A good cleaning once a year or more is the best way to keep all the dirt under control so you have a clean, dusted, and lint-free place to work.

An Organized Workspace

One important part of cleaning out your sewing room is taking time to organize it. From patterns and thread spools to fabric and sewing notions, reorganize everything and put it in its given place so the whole room is tidy. If you have things that don't have a place, make one for them.

Get everything up off the floor and all work surfaces so you have clear, uncluttered space to work on, including the top of your Arrow 98901 Auntie Em cabinet. Chances are that during your cleanup process, you will find a lot of items you thought were lost forever.

A Safe Workspace

A clean and organized workspace is a safe one. When all your tools and accessories are put away in their respective homes, you are less likely to have an accident. Scissors, pins, and even boxes lined up on your floor can be dangerous, as can your iron or anything else you may keep plugged in. You will greatly reduce the chance of stepping on pins, tripping over wires, or starting a fire with your iron in a space that is well organized so everything has its own, specific area.

A Stress-Free, Comfortable Workplace

Although it may seem like just one more room to clean in your house, you will appreciate your sewing room once you have finished cleaning it. Organized Arrow sewing cabinets as well as clean storage and workstations can turn a cluttered, stressful area into a calm and restful place once again.

The entire purpose of a sewing room is to have a comfortable, quiet place in which to work. Get all of this back and enjoy your sewing room again by straightening it up. You will experience the great feeling of relief that comes when you turn around and see everything in its rightful place, all the clutter gone, and the room clean and tidy.

This spring, even if you may dread it initially, make some time to thoroughly clean your sewing room. Clean, organized Arrow sewing cabinets and workstations are a sewist’s best friend. Your space will look great and your motivation to work on those back-burner projects will be enhanced also. When you finally sit down in front of clutter-free sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98901 Auntie Em, you will be so glad you made the effort!

Arrow 98901 Auntie Em Sewing Cabinet

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