Machine quilting is a work of passion for many that spend hours sewing beautiful and sentimental quilts for their family, friends, and themselves.

That said, there’s nothing more disappointing than putting in all that work on your quilting machine only to realize at the end that the whole thing is a little skewed or the seams look a little off.

Whether using a very basic sewing machine or a model like the Janome 3160QDC-B, these simple but important tips will ensure your quilt finishes straight and looks great!

Cutters Must Be Sharp

If tempted to save a little money by using your rotary cutter blade as long as possibly, it could be affecting the straightness of the fabric cuts.

With all the work that goes into a machine quilting project, it’s a shame to risk that perfection by using a cutting blade that should be replaced.

Rotary blades should cut almost like butter so the fabric doesn’t shift during the cut.

Keep cuts crisp and straight by changing the blade in your rotary cutter frequently.

Mark Your Straight Lines First

Though it may seem easy to make a straight line with a quality Janome quilting machine, even those of us with a lot of experience end up with less than straight lines sometimes.

The easiest way to avoid wavy or angle straight lines is to first mark the fabric with a Hera marker and clear quilting ruler.

Hera markers make an indent in the fabric and provide both a visual and physical guide for making straight lines and keeping them straight.

The results will be much more pleasing once you look at the whole quilt and see those straight, evenly-spaced lines.

Baste Securely Before Quilting

A common problem that quilters have when doing the actual quilting part of the project is fabric shifting.

If the three layers of your quilt sandwich shift around as they are being stitched with a machine like the Janome 3160QDC-B, the result could be a crooked quilt.

Baste, baste, and baste some more to ensure all the layers are pinned or spray-basted securely to keep them all together throughout the quilting process.

Use A Walking Foot

Switch the presser foot on your quilting machine to a walking foot.

The walking foot lifts and walks over the fabric as opposed to sliding over it like standard presser feet, reducing the chance that the different layers will shift during the quilting.

Start In The Middle

To avoid the crookedness that can happen with machine quilting because of shifting or stretching fabric, always stitch from the center of the project outward.

Work a straight-line pattern evenly on both sides as you go so the fabric layers smooth out the same in both directions.

Avoid uneven lumping or bumpiness by doing the machine stitching in the same direction so the quilt will end up nice and smooth.

Keep Straight-Line Quilts Arrow-Straight!

Straight-line quilting is an easy finishing technique done on a quilting machine to get projects finished fast.

To get this result, make the added effort to implement these tips for actually keeping it all straight.

With straight lines and fabric that doesn’t shift, the quilt you make on a Janome 3160QDC-B will come out looking perfect!