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Keeping Your Janome Sewing Machine in Great Shape

If you have ever had problems with your sewing machine not working correctly, then you know how frustrating they can be. Sewing machines are just like any other machine, and they require a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance. Luckily, if you take proper care of your Janome sewing machine, you can avoid many of the most common problems.

One of the easiest ways to keep your sewing machine clean is to cover it when it isn’t in use. By covering your sewing machine, you can keep grit, animal hair, dust, and lint out of it. You have a couple of options for covers. You could buy a ready-made […]

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Expert Secrets for Sewing with Flannel

In our last blog, we discussed a few tips for completing sewing projects with flannel. To recap, we talked about buying more fabric than you need, using new needles, and pressing it instead of ironing it. If you have been wanting to learn more tips for sewing with flannel with your new Janome sewing machine, then you have come to the right place. The following is a list of a few more expert secrets for sewing with flannel:

  • Make your stitch length longer- As we mentioned in our last blog, flannel stretches easily, and when you use a short stitch it is more likely to stretch. Longer stitches […]
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Save Big on Janome Sewing Tables

Are you looking for the perfect sewing machine table for your sewing machine? If so, you have come to the right place! We are Sew Vac Direct, and we are your premier source for all things sewing. We have sewing machines, sewing cabinets, sewing tables, vacuum cleaners, steamers, irons, accessories, and so much more, and best of all, we have it for a great price! We make it so easy for you to get the high quality gear that you want, without breaking the bank.

Why would you want to pay full price for a sewing machine table, when you can get one with us for a great deal? […]

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Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Sewing Room

If you have ever tried to work on a sewing project in low-light, then you already know how important proper lighting is for your sewing room. Even in the best light, sewing can cause your eyes to tire easily and become strained, but this is even worse if your lighting isn’t up to par. That is why you need to find a solution that works for you! At Sew Vac Direct, not only do we offer the very best sewing machines, including the amazing Janome sewing machines, but we also want to help you to be as safe and productive as possible. That is why our experts have […]

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