The biggest challenge when making garments at home with sewing machines like the Janome MC12000 is having a finished project that is attractive and looks professionally made. Sometimes, the differences even when following a pattern can be in the little details that may not seem very important. By using the following helpful tips, anyone sewing on Janome sewing machines can easily make beautiful, finished looking garments.

Pre-Wash And Pre-Shrink

Before cutting anything, prewash any washable fabric so it can shrink. Relaxing the fabric and letting it shrink eliminates unfortunate surprises later should the fabric shrink too much or unevenly. In addition to the main fabric, steam shrink any fusible interfacing before applying it to prevent uneven shrinkage between the two fabrics, which could affect the fall of the fabric or the look or fit of the entire garment.

Always Use A Fresh Needle

The best garments are created when using a sharp new needle on sewing machines like the Janome MC12000. New needles make smaller and more precision holes in the fabric, reducing damage to the thread. Even if the needle is not very old, the best results will be achieved by switching to a new one at the beginning of a project and whenever the needle seems to be getting dull or begins to make larger holes.

Let the Feed Dogs Do Their Job

Never rush when using Janome sewing machines. The feed dogs push fabric under the needle at the right speed in order to produce a high quality stitch. Pushing or pulling the fabric while sewing can affect the stitch length and the stretch of the fabric. Achieving good results comes from using the right presser foot for the job and letting the feed dogs function as designed.

Finish Edges with An Overcast Stitch

When sewing any type of garment, finish any visible seam edges with an extra step. By using an overcast stitch, a finished looking edge can be produced that will not unravel and looks more professional. This can be done on a serger or by using an overcast foot on standard machines like the Janome MC12000.

Use the Right Seams and Hems

There is much more to a seam than a single line of stitches to hold two pieces of fabric together. There are countless types of seams to be used on various garments depending upon the type of fabric, the garment, and a few other details. Choose a technique that will produce a strong, secure, and attractive seam. In addition, use a nice treatment for hems such as a rolled, zigzag, or serged hem.

Although these suggestions may seem minor, anyone using a Janome MC12000 should find them very helpful to create great looking garments. When using a Janome sewing machine, going the extra mile requires only a few useful skills. The extra time spent on this attention to detail can make the difference between a garment that just does not look quite right when finished and one that looks like it came from the factory!

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