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Even though you do most of your work using sewing machines like the great Juki HZL DX7, you will sometimes need to do some stitching by hand. Hand stitching is easy, although it can become a nightmare when your thread starts to tangle and knot up.

To avoid these problems and hand stitch like a pro, use the tips below and get your stitching done quickly so you can get back to sewing on those wonderful Juki sewing machines!

Why Does Thread Knot Up?

Thread flows easily from the spool on sewing machines without knotting up, so why does it get knotted when you try to hand stitch with a needle? This is frustrating and when it happens in the middle of adding a button or tacking on a strap, then what? You end up having to start over again.

The reason your thread tangles as you hand sew is because of static cling. Some thread generates static as it is loosely passed through fabric. This affects the loose end of the thread. When this happens, the loose thread tends to revert back to the looped shape that it had on the spool, twisting up and around itself.

Gently pulling the twist straight and then draping the needle to allow the thread to unwind can sometimes help. More often than not, this just results in an actual knot that ruins the thread. You end up having to snip out your work and start over, delaying the point at which you can return to working on your Juki HZL DX7.

How to Keep Your Thread From Tangling

The good news is that if knotting and tangling thread have plagued your hand stitching efforts, there are a few simple ways you can stop this from occurring and get back to sewing on Juki sewing machines. Try one of the convenient methods referenced below with your hand sewing thread to reduce static cling:

  • Beeswax - One remedy used by sewists for generations is beeswax. As a matter of fact, it is even sold in sewing shops in round plastic cases that have openings designed for easy use. You simply drag your length of thread lightly across the beeswax disk to coat the thread and begin your stitching. Beeswax prevents the static cling that causes tangles and knots. The downside to beeswax is it can stain some thread and fabric.
  • Thread Conditioner - To avoid the issue of staining, you can also try a thread conditioner product made of non-staining ingredients designed to do basically the same thing as beeswax. Thread conditioners offer an added bonus as they usually include ingredients that make thread stronger and protect it against UV rays, which will make it last longer.
  • Dryer Sheets - In a pinch, you can also try ordinary household dryer sheets used for drying laundry. Slide the thread through the dryer sheet a few times to take advantage of its anti-static cling properties and stitch away.

Before you resort to using language that is as colorful as your fabric when stitching by hand, try treating your thread first. Beeswax and other thread treatments will prevent the static that can cause tangles, allowing you to more quickly return to working on sewing machines like the Juki HZL DX7. Juki sewing machines are so much fun, you will want to get your hand stitching completed as quickly and easily as possible!

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Sewing Machines

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Sewing Machines