Creating garments and other projects using sewing machines is a craft that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including teens. Despite the common stereotype associated with many older kids that they would rather be texting or twittering on their phones or playing video games, many also enjoy learning how to sew on Janome machines like the Janome MC12000. For those with inspired teenagers, or those who would like to inspire them to learn something creative, consider these helpful tips.

Teens and Sewing - Don’t Make Assumptions

Many teens love to sew. While not all of them will have an interest in learning this ages-old craft, it is equally wrong to assume they would not be interested. Many teens simply need the opportunity to try something new or access to the right equipment so they can learn a new craft and enjoy a great hobby.

When it comes to sewing, more older children than adults may think are interested in learning to use these machines, including both girls and boys. Activities that get these older kids to put down  smartphones and explore their creativity are highly encouraged, with many learning to really enjoy this particular hobby. It is important to not just assume that a teenager would have no interest in something like sewing. By exposing them to the idea, it gives them the chance to try it if appeals to them.

Encourage Teens with the Right Equipment

The best ways to invite these youngsters to try sewing, or at least encourage a new interest in this craft, is to ensure they are able to start out right. This includes providing the proper equipment and materials for them to learn with. Make sure they have access to a clear workspace and a good quality, working sewing machine so that learning is easier and first impressions are positive ones.

Avoid fighting with old units that do not work well and can create frustration rather than enjoyment. To gauge actual interest, consider enrolling the teen in sewing classes at a local shop where they can learn on quality units while deciding if the purchase of a machine is worthwhile. When the time comes to buy a unit, invest in a quality Janome MC12000 or another Janome machine from an experienced dealer. Learning on, and working with, quality units will help ensure that a person increases their skills and retains interest in their new hobby.

Allow Teens to Express Themselves

One of the best things about using sewing machines is creating something that can become a source of pride. Encourage teens to choose projects they really want to create, then give them the freedom to learn and make mistakes. Do not judge; guide them instead. Remember their sense of fashion and creativity may be considerably different than those of an adult. The end result should be a project that allows them to show off their handiwork, further fueling the desire to keep on sewing.

Some of the most famous clothing designers in the world began as children and teenagers. Even though not everyone who uses a sewing machine will aspire to become a clothing designer, there is a lot of good in exposing teens to creative hobbies such as sewing. Whether using Janome machines like the Janome MC12000 or any other brand, sewing is a wonderful hobby that can bring much enjoyment to people of all ages!

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