Sewing garments or home decor items from patterns and then stitched on your sewing machine involves a few basic steps before you actually get down to the sewing part.

The first step after reading the pattern directions is laying out the pattern pieces on your fabric and cutting them out.

Although cutting pattern pieces out of fabric may seem easy enough, some common mistakes could keep you from getting the desired results you want from your project.

Whether using sharp fabric scissors or a rotary cutter, improve your cutting process so your pieces are ready when you sit at your Janome HD3000 sewing machine to stitch them all together.

Step 1 - Prepare the Fabric for Cutting

Before attempting to either cut or sew your fabric, it is advisable to prewash, dry, and press most fabric types and then iron it.

This will make the fabric softer and easier to work with, extra dye will bleed out, the cuts with your scissors or rotary cutter will be accurate, and your final project stitched together with your sewing machine will not shrink.

Of course, skip this step if your fabric is dry-clean only.

Step 2 - Find the Grainline

After the fabric has been pressed and is ready for marking and cutting, find the grainline so you know how to arrange the pattern pieces which you can be by identifying the selvage edges and cut edges.

Fold the fabric either crosswise or lengthwise as indicated on the pattern based on the direction of the grainline.

Step 3 - Lay Pattern Pieces And Secure

Lay out all your pattern pieces according to the grainline and place them so you get the maximum use of the fabric.

Look for the grainline markings and other markings on the pattern that indicate which direction each piece needs placed for cutting.

Getting the direction right is essential if you want the fabric to lay correctly after you’ve stitched it all together with your Janome HD3000 sewing machine.

Once you have the pattern pieces arranged on the fabric, secure them to the fabric using pins or weights so there is no movement when cut.

Step 4 - Cut Out The Pattern Pieces

Cut around the paper pattern using either a sharp pair of fabric scissors or a rotary cutter with a crisp, sharp blade.

If you use scissors, it is critical they be razor sharp to prevent stretching and pulling of the fabric while you cut.

If you use a rotary cutter, be sure to work on a cutting mat with a sharp blade that will easily cut through the fabric in one roll.

In both cases, the sharpness of the blade is what will determine the accuracy of your cuts.

The Value of Accurate Pattern Cuts

It’s easy to think that it is easy to cut out pattern pieces to sew together with your sewing machine: in practice, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Finish a great-looking and correctly-fitting garment or project on a machine like the Janome HD3000 sewing machine by taking the necessary steps for correct, accurate fabric cutting!

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