Achieving the best results with sewing machines has as much to do with the workspace as it does with the machine itself. Everyone who sews needs ample space to spread out in an environment that protects projects while allowing them to work correctly and concisely.

Sewing cabinets like Arrow cabinets are an important part of every sewing room; however, those who sew need a lot more than cabinets. When equipped with the five essential items listed below, sewists will have the best workspace available for making beautiful projects.

1. Sewing Surface

The first item that a workspace must include is a place to set up the sewing machine. Some people make do with a desk or the dining room table, although sewing cabinets are a better choice. Arrow cabinets are specifically designed to fit a machine into the top of the table, providing a flush work surface. Cabinets also offer much needed storage for important supplies and notions, keeping everything close and handy.

2. Ergonomic Chair

Along with a table or cabinet, it is essential to have a good chair as well. Sewists spend a lot of time sitting at their sewing machines, so it is very important to use a chair that is comfortable and adjusts correctly to promote proper posture while seated. When properly adjusted, an ergonomic office or crafting chair can prevent the back and wrist strain that is common after long hours seated on an inferior chair.

3. Cutting Surface

Besides a sewing table, every space should have a large cutting surface for measuring and cutting fabric. Some sewing cabinets have lift-up leafs that can act as a cutting table; if not, a separate surface is necessary. Cutting tables designed for sewing are a preferred choice as they are height adjustable, although other tables will work if high enough for comfort.

4. Pressing Station

In addition to the cutting table, an ironing station should be included in the room. Regardless of what type of project is in the works, sewing involves a lot of pressing. From smoothing and straightening fabric for cutting to flattening seams before beginning to stitch on sewing machines, it is important to have an iron hot and ready to go. Although a cutting table can double as a pressing station, it is much more convenient to have a separate pressing station.

5. Supply Caddy

Everyone needs a caddy with the most essential supplies that can be moved from the cabinet to the cutting table and anywhere else. Scissors, pins, measuring tapes, and other frequently used items should stay conveniently close by for quick access. Organize other items using shelves, plastic bins, pegboards, and other containers;  however, keep the supply caddy filled with the tools that are needed the most.

Although each sewist will have their own specific wants and needs for a sewing room that includes the type of sewing cabinets they prefer, the few things listed above are something that every sewing space needs. With the right furnishings like Arrow cabinets for sewing machines, cutting tables, and ergonomic chairs, those who sew should have everything necessary to create many sewing projects in their home studio!

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