A walking foot is one of the most convenient and necessary accessories to have if you enjoy making a variety of projects with quality Juki sewing machines. It makes sewing various types or multiple layers of fabric on sewing machines easier by preventing slippage that can ruin seams.

Learn how to use this great presser foot with these easy tips when using your Juki HZL-F600 and have your projects turn out beautifully.

What Is A Walking Foot Anyway?

A walking foot is an presser foot that anyone who uses sewing machines for more than just simple stitching should have in their sewing accessories kit. This presser foot “walks” over fabric with the feed dogs rather than sliding over it. There are 2 sets of feed dogs that are used to advance the top fabric at the same rate as the bottom fabric. This is not the case when stitching thick fabric or multiple layers of fabric.

With a walking foot, fabric is advanced without causing the layers to slide, shift, or bunch while the needle is stitching. It is a great choice when working with slippery fabrics, knits, and thick fabrics as well as for multiple layers of fabric prone to shifting while being sewn.

Three Ways to Use A Walking Foot

A complete walking presser foot kit for Juki sewing machines contains three separate, interchangeable soles, each designed for a different use:

  • Standard or Basic Sole - Primary walking foot sole used when working with knits and other fabrics that have a little stretch. It is designed with ¼-inch measurements on the foot to help keep seams straight and aligned. This foot prevents fabric from stretching while being sewn so the seams do not pucker. 
  • Quilting Sole - This is a wider sole with a larger open toe that makes visibility easier; it is slightly larger than the basic sole. It is a favorite of quiltmakers as it advances multiple layers of fabric and batting simultaneously. It is possible to watch the needle and how the fabric is passing underneath it.
  • Edging Sole - This is a closed-toe sole used for edge stitching, topstitching, and matching fabric while sewing it together.

Installing A Walking Foot

No matter how you plan to use your walking foot, the setup is the same. Once you have connected the right  sole for your project on a Juki HZL-F600, attach the walking foot to your machine just like any other presser foot.

The walking foot has an arm that must be attached to the needle bar on the sewing machine. This arm tells the machine to advance the fabric together  with the feed dogs. With the arm added, the walking foot is ready for use. Line up your fabric, pin it into place, and start sewing.

Although they it costs more than other presser feet, a walking foot kit is a great investment if you sew quilts or thick fabric with your sewing machines. They are especially useful for quilters, whether working with a dedicated quilting machine or other Juki sewing machines like the versatile Juki HZL-F600. However you use your walking foot, you will be very glad you purchased it once you see how it helps control your fabric!

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