Zippers are fantastic closures to use on clothing garments, bags, and many other items that can be made using all-purpose sewing machines like the Janome DC5100. A zipper turns any handmade project into a professionally sewn, useful item. Yet applying these closures can be a bit tricky. By using the following helpful tips, almost anyone using Janome sewing machines should be able to insert a zipper quickly and easily.

Use A Longer Zipper

Whenever possible, begin with a zipper that is about two inches longer than what is necessary for the project. This allows positioning of the end of the zip tape well above the edge of the closure so the end of the tape and stitching is more easily hidden from sight. It also makes sewing the zipper much easier when the pull tab is not in the way. Stitching comes out straighter, and the end of the tape can then be trimmed back to the needed length later.

Make Careful Measurements

Applying a zipper involves making an accurate closure and carefully sewing the seams and overlaps. Always measure and mark the fabric very carefully during the planning phase and ensure that everything is aligned so the zipper is straight. Pin the side tapes in place before attempting to affix permanently with sewing machines, then measure again to make sure everything else is still straight. The biggest issue with zippers is crookedness due to incorrect measuring and marking beforehand.

Baste Zippers On First

After the opening is properly marked and the zipper is pinned in place, baste it onto the project before sewing it on permanently using the machine. This is one of those times when hand basting is best. Loosely stitch the side of the tape in place on the back of the fabric, then measure again to make sure everything is straight and positioned the way it should be.

Hand basting also prevents the top fabric from pulling away from the zipper tape while it is being sewn. Remove the pins at this point, check for positioning again, and then move on to the final stitching using your Janome DC5100 or another Janome sewing machine.

Apply A Zipper to Flat Fabric

Make the final zipper application easier and more precise by sewing it onto flat fabric. In other words, plan ahead to attach the zipper before the garment or item is assembled, as adding the zipper at that time would be more cumbersome. Getting the closure straight so it works properly requires a straight, accurate application. Depending on the project, this may not always be possible; however, if it is, opt to add the zipper to the fabric before the pieces are fully assembled.

Applying a zipper does take some practice; however, it is a skill that anyone who uses sewing machines should learn. There are many different techniques to use when adding a zipper to a project and they all require the same careful preparation and planning steps. Sometimes, it is the little tricks and tips that make the difference. Whether using Janome sewing machines like the Janome DC5100 or working on other machines, use these suggestions for the best results!

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