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Christmas is not even three weeks away. This means the gift-giving season is upon us. If you know any sewists who are always working on their sewing machines, then this post is for you. Whether the sewists on your list work on basic models like the Janome 2212 or create more complex projects using advanced Janome sewing machines, rest assured they will love the gifts discussed below.

Basic Notions and Tools

There are certain items that everyone who sews needs regardless of what their skill level may be, the kinds of projects they are interested in creating, or the sewing machines they use. Sewing essentials such as scissors, rulers, rotary wheels, pins, elastic, fabric trim and ribbon, hobby knives, and countless other notions and tools make great gifts that any sewist can use.

Sewing Storage

If there is one thing that most people who sew never have enough of, it is storage. From small tins and compartment boxes for notions and machine parts to baskets and plastic totes for fabric and larger items, storage options are always greatly appreciated.

Quilter’s Totes

For those who enjoy taking their projects along on trips or to social circles, fabric quilter’s totes are a great idea. These totes are usually made with multiple pouches and pockets to organize supplies, tools and the project itself. They make traveling easier with less risk of losing anything along the way.

Adjustable Sewing Lamps

Proper lighting is essential for obtaining the best results and preventing eye strain. If you know someone who constantly squints under poor lighting while working on their Janome 2212, a hobby lamp is another great idea. These lamps, which generate bright and clear light, are available as floor standing or clamp-on table models.

Pattern Books

Whether your sewist enjoys making clothing, home accessories, or any other project, there is a pattern book out there for them. There are countless titles to choose from at every skill level and available both online and in fabric shops.

Dress Forms

If your sewist struggles with being able to achieve the proper fit when making clothing projects, they obviously need a dress form. Adjustable dress forms are a more expensive gift; however, they are one that will thrill the garment maker in your life. A great dress form will help them take their garment making to the next level and can be found in sizes for adults and children.

Paraffin Bath

Doing a lot of work on Janome sewing machines can mean sore hands and fingers. Give a gift that allows your sewist to pamper themselves whenever necessary with a therapeutic paraffin bath. Warm paraffin is soothing to the joints and muscles and moisturizes the skin, leaving hands ready for more projects in no time.

Sewing Themed Jewelry

Cute pendants, necklaces, and earrings depicting scissors, bobbins, measuring tapes and other sewing notions are whimsical gifts that can really bring a smile to that special sewist's face. Whether you put them on a charm bracelet, keychain, or a necklace chain, your sewing friend will wear these great charms with pleasure while letting the whole world know where their passions lie.

Coffee or Tea Mug

In this day and age, you can buy a mug depicting just about anything, including things that have to do with sewing. Choose from artsy or funny mugs to give your creative recipient a chance to bring a warm cup with them to sew or enjoy their craft outside of their workspace. A hot cup of coffee or tea is just what they may need to help them stay awake when they are oh-so-close to putting the final touches on a project.

Gift Certificate

If you want to give your sewist the choice to buy whatever they want or need the most, a gift certificate may be the perfect answer. They can usually be purchased from local fabric shops or craft stores and even online retailers who specialize in sewing machines and supplies.

Don't get frustrated wondering about gifts for friends or family members who enjoy working with Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212. Instead, consider one of the great ideas offered above. Your recipient will appreciate the thought you put into finding them a wonderful gift that will feed their passion for sewing!

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