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Many people fear adding zippers to their sewing projects since that is not always an easy process for every sewist. The good news is that zippers can be conveniently added to any item using one of the more common sewing machine supplies called a zipper foot.

This is a presser foot that can be attached to most machines, including the Janome 2212, to make adding a zipper a much easier task. The trick is in knowing how to correctly use such sewing accessories. By following the tips below, using a zipper foot should no longer be something to fear.

The Zipper Foot

To correctly use this specialty presser foot, it is important to understand how it is made and how it works. A zipper foot is a presser foot that has two notches, one on either side of the foot. Those notches allow for the placement of the needle as close to the metal or plastic closure as possible without stitching over the teeth.

Sewing over or into the teeth and damaging or breaking the needle is common when trying to attach a zipper using an all-purpose presser foot. For this reason, using the right sewing machine supplies, like a zipper foot, is a safer and more efficient option. The zipper foot can be placed on either side of the zipper by a simple adjustment. Newer sewing machines allow for the needle itself to move to either side of the zipper. Besides sewing in zippers, this specialty foot can be used to make a rolled fabric edge or sew on piping trim.

Installing A Zipper Foot

A zipper foot is easily attached to machines such as the Janome 2212 like any other presser foot and either has two attachment points to set the needle to the left or right of the teeth or has a sliding adjustment built into the foot. When attaching the foot to the machine, it should be set according to which side of the zipper is being stitched.

Sewing With A Zipper Foot

Once the foot is correctly attached based on which side of the zipper is being sewn, the rest is simple. Put the zipper as it has been placed on the fabric under the foot and position it so the side of the foot rests next to the zipper teeth. The notches on the bottom allow for a precise placement right next to the zipper teeth with the base of the foot resting normally on the fabric. Begin with a few backstitches to secure the stitches, then slowly sew forward. The foot should glide along easily next to the teeth while the needle sews as close to the zipper as is desired.

Using the teeth as a guide to keep the fabric straight, the results should be a clean, straight line of stitching along the zipper tape as close to the teeth as is possible without interference. Then, simply end the line of stitches with a few more backstitches to secure them and switch the foot to the other side to sew the other side of the zipper. Long-time sewists typically stitch the entire zipper seem in one step by creating a line of stitching across the bottom of the zipper right below the pull stop, then turning the fabric again to come up the other side of the zipper.

Sewing with a zipper foot can be easy once you understand how these sewing machine supplies are designed to work and know how to correctly attach the zipper foot. Once a seamstress realizes just how easy it actually is to use with machines like the Janome 2212, this foot will quickly become a favorite sewing accessory!

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