Of all the different sewing machines available, none are more helpful to those who love making clothing than sergers. Although serger sewing machines like the Janome 8002D serger may seem limited in scope when compared to an all-purpose sewing machine, they can be well worth the investment for some sewists. When making strong, professional seams is important, nothing beats the way a serger can create great looking garments easier, faster, and better looking.

Professional Seams

Professionally sewn garments are created using a serger to make the seams more durable and flexible than those made with a single straight stitch. Although straight stitching may be easier on an all-purpose machine, it is the trimmed and finished overlock stitching created by serger sewing machines that better hold seams together and prevent fraying due to wear and washing. They also takes less time to create even similar seams on an all-purpose machine.

Finished Edges and Hems

One of the benefits of using sergers is how they create a straight, trimmed seam allowance, which is then neatly enclosed in rows of interlocked stitching. The built-in knives cut the fabric edge to make it crisp and uniform so the allowance can be secured within the overlock stitch. In addition to creating attractive, fray-proof seams, machines like the Janome 8002D serger are useful for making perfect rolled hems. These look great in many applications but are especially important for stabilizing the edges of delicate fabrics that could easily unravel.

Working With Knits

Knits are a preferred fabric for a variety of garments because they are comfortable, stretchy, and easy to care. Despite these important qualities, knit fabrics can be a challenge to work with, especially regarding seaming. Garments made from knits require seams that won't fray yet will stretch with the rest of the garment. Enter the serger, which can handle knit fabrics in a snap. The flexibility of a trimmed and enclosed seam created with multiple interlocking threads is perfect for any fabric with stretch.

This quality alone may justify the purchase of sergers for some home garment makers who want to use popular knit fabrics to create useful clothing that looks just like it was factory made.

More Economical Than Ever

Serger machines are available in different types and usage of anywhere from three to eight threads at a time to stitch strong, durable seams. While some models are expensive, the good news for those who make garments at home is the availability of basic models at reasonable prices. As more people have begun to realize the value of these machines and invested in them, costs have come down. It is easier than ever for a garment maker to gain access to the great features offered by sergers.

Before deciding whether or not to purchase another machine, those who enjoy making great-looking and long wearing garments should think about buying a serger sewing machine. Using sergers can make the difference between creating a garment that looks like it came off the rack and having one that is quite obviously homemade. By using a machine like the Janome 8002D serger, sewists can take their skills to the next level to produce popular and exciting garments for friends, family, and even to sell. With prices so affordable, just about everyone could use a serger in their sewing room!

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