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Today’s more advanced sewing machines such as Janome machines are programmed to make a variety of decorative stitches. Another way to do decorative stitching or to add attractive trim to sewing projects is with a multi-hole presser foot. These feet, which are available for many machines including the Janome Magnolia 7318, give sewists yet one more way to make unique items with great decorative accents.

What Are Multi-Hole Presser Feet?

Multi-hole presser feet are designed with multiple holes or openings and can accommodate decorative threads or small trim and easily stitch them onto the fabric. There are various types of these feet available, all of which may have from two to five holes for threading in fancy thread or a groove on the underside for feeding yarn or trim underneath. When used correctly on sewing machines that accept them, they stitch over trim, creating a combination of stitch and trim decorations that enhance the look of many projects.

Choosing Trim, Thread, and Stitches

The purpose of using a multi-hole presser foot is to attach trim to the fabric by using decorative threads and stitches that may not be possible with the machine. It is also a way to simply offer different alternatives. Any type of thinner trim can be used, from attractive yarns, cords, and thin tape to metallic thread. The only requirement is that the trim fits through the holes in the foot and is smooth.

The thread that holds the trim in place can also be decorative. Embroidery thread is a common choice with multi-hole presser feet, although invisible thread can be used as well. Invisible thread keeps the focus on the trim, while the decorative type becomes a part of the embellishment. A stitch is also chosen to further add to the effect.

Using the Multi-Hole Presser Foot

Once the trim and thread is picked out and the foot is attached to a machine like the Janome Magnolia 7318, it can be easily set up for use. The foot must first be threaded so the decorative threads pass up through the various holes, coming out on the top of the front of the foot. Thread should be put in according to the desired order it will appear on the fabric. If trim or yarn is used, it must be aligned underneath the groove in the foot to prepare for sewing.

After choosing the desired sewing stitch to add the decorative thread and trim, the sewing process can begin. When sewn slowly using Janome sewing machines, the presser foot keeps the trim and thread positioned correctly so they can be sewn in place by the needle thread, slowly moving along the fabric.

To keep the various threads from tangling or crossing over during stitching, pause to "comb" them straight, then lightly hold them in place a few inches in front of the foot. Stitch to preferably a seam, then secure with a few stitches before cutting all the threads.

There are countless ways to embellish sewing projects made on sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318, giving every seamstress the chance to create something truly original. Multi-hole presser feet are one such accessory that can expand the capabilities of Janome sewing machines, giving them even more stitch and trim options than the ones they already programmed. When used properly, a multi-hold presser foot can become a popular machine accessory in any sewists trim kit!

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