sewing machine supplies

Of all the essential sewing machine supplies, the simplest, most important one is the needle. Without a great needle, the rest of the machine is useless. A properly selected needle is the main item needed to sew a garment or something else. Its quality and condition dictate what results to expect.

Before you spend money on other sewing machine accessories for machines like the Janome 7330, consider the essential role that sewing machine needles play and make sure to always have enough on hand.

Proper Needle Selection Matters

To achieve the best results with any sewing project, you should always work with the right sewing machine supplies. Where needles are concerned, this means you must choose the proper one for each specific project. Although one needle may not seem different from another, they actually have many qualities that make them preferable for different projects:

Size - Needles come in a variety of sizes that fit various sewing machines such as the Janome 7330. They are constructed with a shank that has a flat side to keep the needle tightly inserted into the machine; they come in a number of lengths, widths, and tips for different needs. Sizes range from a very fine 60/8 for delicate fabrics to a much stronger and heftier 110/18 for heavier fabrics.

A universal needle with a pointed tip is good for most projects and fabrics; however, rounded, ball-point, and sharp tips are required for certain fabrics. In addition to tip differences, needles have longer or shorter eyes as well as different thread grooves and shaft lengths.

Needle Type - In addition to different sizes, construction, and tips, needles also come in many types designed to make it easier to sew certain fabrics and stitches. Special wedge-tipped needles for sewing leather and vinyl can be purchased, as can extra-sharp and stiff denim needles.

Decorative stitching can be done with two and three-point needles on standard sewing machines like the Janome 7330 or with designated embroidery needles for embroidery machines.

Wing needles handle heirloom stitching and self-threading needles are also available in a number sizes and styles for those who need them.

Needle Condition Is Essential

Anyone who sews must also work with a fresh needle at all times; dull needles can cause damage. They can create pulls in the fabric, increase the chance of thread breakage, and even interfere with how the machine works if a pulled thread gets pushed down under the throat plate.

Avoiding these issues only requires keeping a supply of these essential sewing machine accessories available at all times. Start new projects with a fresh needle; stop periodically to test sharpness and replace the needle when it is dull. Test for sharpness and any other damage to the needle tip by dragging the tip across a piece of a stretched nylon stocking. If the needle snags and pulls up threads or damages the fine nylon in any way, replace it with a new one.

Sometimes it is the smallest items that make the biggest difference, which is the case with sewing machine needles. These important sewing machine supplies create all the stitches that hold the fabric together. Whether a person uses an all-purpose Janome 7330 or a more advanced specialty machine, an ample selection of needles must be a part of their collection of essential sewing machine accessories!

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