Patterns are a wonderful thing for sewists of every level. They help us to create a beautiful project, without having to design anything or think too much about it. However, if you don’t cut your pattern out properly, you could end up ruining your project before you even get started! That is why you need to follow these tips when you sit down at your sewing machine table to cut out your pattern:

  • Press your pattern- In our previous blog, we talked about how important it is to properly press your fabric, and it is equally important to press the pattern you are using. If there are wrinkles in the pattern, you could end up with a distorted project. By pressing the pattern before you start cutting, you will eliminate the risk for distortion.
  • Don’t ignore the fabric grain- When a pattern tells you to cut on the grain, it means that the pattern needs to be lined up in the direction of the thread that was used to weave the fabric together. If you tug the fabric, the direction that is on the grain will stretch less than other directions.
  • Pay attention to dimensions- Some projects will require you to cut your fabric in specific dimensions. In these cases, you will need to measure your fabric twice before you start cutting. The best way to make a clean cut in these cases is to utilize a cutting mat, a ruler, and a rotary cutter. This will help you to make even lines that are correctly aligned with the grain of the fabric.