If you are interested in purchasing an embroidery machine, there are two basic types to choose from: a single needle unit or a multi needle embroidery machine.

While both can do beautiful stitched thread designs, the single needle machine is good for doing smaller, individual pieces while a multi needle machine like the Melco Amaya Bravo is better when your needs are greater.

Multi needle models can truly make machine embroidery a joy.

What Is A Single Needle Embroidery Machine?

Single needle embroidery machines are those that look for the most part like any other sit-down sewing machine.

They are available as dedicated home use embroidery machines or popular combination sewing and embroidery models.

These units have one needle and can load one thread at a time to be used in the stitch design, after which you must stop the machine, unthread it, and rethread it with the next color.

They are great for monogramming or simpler designs and can be used for designs with many details; however, single needle machines can be tedious to work with after a while.

They are perfect for when you only want to embellish a gift you’ve sewn or stitch simpler designs on a few items at a time.

What Is A Multi Needle Embroidery Machine?

Multi needle embroidery machines are dedicated embroidery models that offer a much higher degree of convenience and flexibility over single needle units.

Models like the Melco Amaya Bravo with 16 needles make stitching complex designs with multiple colors quick and easy, as each needle holds a different colored thread.

The computer program controls the machine and tells it which needle and colored thread to use in the design so there is minimal unthreading and rethreading involved.

Why Buy A Multi Needle Embroidery Machine?

The primary reason why you might consider investing in a multi needle embroidery unit is because you are doing many intricate or large designs with multiple colors and these machines essentially automate the entire process.

Once your design has been uploaded, edited, and programmed into the machine, it continues to stitch until the entire design is finished.

They are much faster than any single needle machine and you don’t have to keep changing the thread colors.

In addition to the many other features these professional-caliber models have, multi needle embroidery machines are perfect when you want to stitch more than one or two pieces or if your designs are more like little threaded masterpieces as opposed to simple, single-colored designs or those requiring only one or two thread changes.

Benefits Of A Multi Thread Embroidery Machine

Ideal for anyone with a home embroidery business, multi needle machines like a Melco Amaya Bravo embroidery machine may cost a little more than a home or combination unit; however, they can quickly pay for themselves in the amount of output they produce.

Best of all, you won’t be watching the machine the whole time waiting to change the thread color plus a multi-needle, multi-thread color embroidery machine can work unsupervised until the design has been completed!

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