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Overlocks are helpful sewing machines that are commonly used if you enjoy making clothing at home. These machines produce a durable seam with a clean finish, much like professionally sewn garments made in a clothing factory.

If you are interested in learning more about overlocks, such as the Juki MO-644D, learn here how you can achieve the best results when sewing garments.

What Does An Overlock Machine Do?

An overlock is a type of sewing machine designed for one specific purpose, to create finished seams or hems. It uses anywhere from two to five needles and types of thread, which combined creates an overlock stitch and certain other multi-thread stitches.

When making a standard overlock stitch, overlock sewing machines trim off the edge of the seam allowance to make a uniform and straight edge, then stitch right over it to enclose the entire fabric allowance. This is the characteristic seam stitch you see on the inside of most professionally made garments.

Why Do You Need An Overlock Machine?

Although it is possible to sew a simplified two-thread version of the overlock stitch on a standard sewing machine, overlocks like the Juki MO-644D are preferred for many reasons, such as the following:

  • Strong, Durable Seams - The main purpose and best reason to consider purchasing an overlock machine if sew much clothing is the quality and durability of the seam these units create. Multi-thread, interlocking finishes that enclose the raw edge of the fabric prevent the seam from unraveling and makes it stronger than any standard straight stitch seam. An overlocked seam is also neater and more comfortable for the wearer.  
  • Flexible Seams - In addition to being stronger, seams stitched on overlocks are more flexible, offering a bit of stretch in the seam. With multiple threads that interlock in a variety of ways, serged seams bend and stretch without breaking stitches. This is the best type of seam to use when working with knits, jersey, and any other fabric with a lot of stretch. These seams are also good for especially delicate fabrics that can easily fray and fall apart.
  • Neat, Professional-Looking Results - Almost all factory-made clothing is finished with overlocked seams to ensure they do not fall apart when worn. When you use a machine like the Juki MO-644D to create a true overlock stitch on your home stitched garments, they will look like they came off the rack in the store. No one will be able to tell that they were not made in a factory.
  • Professional-Looking Hems - Besides sewing strong, flexible, and professional looking seams, you can use overlocks to make a certain hems. Hems can be easily created on these units as opposed to standard sewing machines and are yet another mark of a professionally made garment. Overlocked hems are useful for adding elastic to garments and decorative effects as well.

For those of you who enjoy making clothes with home sewing machines, overlocks can be essential sewing room accessories. You may not need one if you usually make other items; however, if you spend most of your sewing time making clothing, an overlock machine like the Juki MO-644D is a worthwhile investment that will give you the best results with your projects!

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