When sewing women’s garments on sewing machines like the Juki HZL-F300, one of the important details you’ll need to decide is the neckline. Just like the collars on dress shirts, the necklines on tops and blouses come in many types, each one offering a different appearance.

Learn about some of the more recognized necklines you can incorporate into the garments you sew with Juki sewing machines that will give your designs the look and style you desire.

1. Crew - A crew neckline is the basic round neckline used on anything from t-shirts and sweaters to dresses and blouses. It's made by sewing a band all the way around the neckline and is the simplest neckline to sew with any sewing machines.

2. V-Neck - The V-neckline is another popular design that can be used on many garments. It's made by cutting the neckline in the front of the garment to form a "V" that extends a few inches down the chest.

3. Jewel, U, and Scoop - These are three variations of the same design with the same basic rounded shape. Jewel necks are crewnecks with a slightly elongated swoop in the front. U-necks are jewel necklines with a longer, more pronounced swoop that forms the shape of a "U." Scoop necks are wider, longer U-necks.

4. Square, Court, and Diamond - A square neckline is one that is flat across the front, turning upward with a right angle at either corner to make the shape of a square. Court necklines take the shape of a hexagon, with one point in the center. A diamond neckline is a hexagon shape that's flat in the center.

5. Boat - A popular neckline made with a very slight curve in the front and back, it sweeps open from shoulder to shoulder. Boat necks are very easy to sew with a Juki HZL-F300 and a great style for beginners just learning how to make clothing and different types of necklines.

6. Sweetheart, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Anne - Sweetheart necklines are similar to court necklines except the lines are rounded, giving them a more feminine look to accentuate the bust. The Queen Elizabeth is a longer sweetheart neckline with a back that attaches higher up. The Queen Anne is a standard sweetheart neckline with a higher back.

7. Slash - This is another style of neckline that is easy to sew on Juki sewing machines that gives a plainer-looking garment a little more style. This type looks like a jewel or U-neckline with a small V-shaped slash cut into the bottom of the curve.

8. Scalloped - Scalloped necklines are V-shaped necklines cut with rounded scallops. The point of the neckline has a nearly round cutout.   

9. Plunge - This neckline can be done in a number of ways. The main design detail is a V-neckline that plunges down the chest much further than a typical V-neck. These are common on dresses, longer blouses, and tunics.

10. Keyhole - This is a neckline with a small opening in the upper chest that joins at the top to resemble a keyhole, hence the name.

A great neckline can really define a garment sewn on sewing machines and dictate its style. These are only a few of the necklines choices you have when making clothing with your Juki HZL-F300. To achieve the look you want or even design a great top or dress around a specific neckline, try these or one of the many other types of neckline to make beautiful garments with Juki sewing machines!

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