So many features can be found on the many sewing machines for sale, it can get confusing trying to figure out which ones are actually needed!

From the very basic models with just a few stitch options to some of the highly advanced Janome sewing machines that have all the bells and whistles, there are hundreds of features found on different machines.

Of them all, do you know which feature might be the most important for sewists and quilters especially when considering a high-speed machine like the Janome HD9?

The one must-have feature if you’re serious about sewing and want nothing but spectacular results is variable speed control!

What Is Variable Speed Control?

Variable speed control is an under-used yet very important feature found on most sewing machines other than the most basic beginner machines.

This feature provides for control of the speed at which a machine can stitch so you can slow it down or speed it up as desired.

The control for speed variation is usually found at the top of the machine in the form of a left-to-right slider button or sometimes as a speed control dial on the machine - just refer to manufacturer's information.

Why Is Having Variable Speed Control So Important?

As simple as the variable speed control feature found on Janome sewing machines may be, it serves an important purpose, at least as long as it is used!

It allows for total control of your sewing at all times, whether slowly stitching fine details or breezing through longer lengths of fabric.

Adjusting the variable speed control button provides important advantages that can benefit every sewist, no matter experience level or what is being sewed.

  • Great for Beginner Sewists - One of the main things that beginners just learning to sew become intimidated by is that fast needle going up and down on the machine, so slowing the top stitching speed so fabric moves more slowly under the needle makes the machine less intimidating for those just learning how to use their machine correctly and safely.
  • Improves Foot Pedal Accuracy - Although the foot pedal control that comes with most sewing machines is designed to give a certain degree of speed stitch control, many find it hard to use, not very accurate, of a low-quality so as to make usage difficult, and just plain hard to apply just enough pressure without the machine racing off. A variable speed control slider or dial lets you increase or decrease the range of the foot pedal so it’s easier to use without accidentally making the machine run too fast.
  • Gives You Control When and Where You Need It - With better control of stitching speed, you can slow the machine way down when stitching small pieces or fine details with the accuracy needed or alternately adjust the top speed for a faster straight stitch.

This speed control feature is especially useful on a powerful machine like the Janome HD9 High Speed Mid-Arm, which could otherwise be a little challenging to get those precise slower stitches.

Look for This Simple Feature Before Buying

If looking for a new sewing machine, chances are you’ve already got a list of features that serve your wants and needs - and a variable stitch speed control function should be one of them.

A machine with variable speed control like Janome sewing machines ensures having all the precision needed to do exceptional work!