Creating with sewing machines is easy with the right tools. While the machine is the main item required to make garments and other projects, there are also a number of sewing accessories and supplies that everyone should have on hand. Before sitting down in front of that Janome DC5100, gather up these important items that will make the process easier.

  • Thread Spools and Bobbins - All sewing machines require spools of thread and wound bobbins in order for them to sew correctly. Choose thread colors, weight, and types based on the project and have plenty on hand. Keep a variety of spools and pre-wound bobbins ready to prevent running out in the middle of a project. Store all the spools and bobbins in organizers to keep them tidy and clean.
  • Machine and Hand Needles - It’s a good idea to keep spare machine needles in a sewing accessories kit in case one breaks. Additionally, there are many different needles for use with different fabrics. Even when stitching on machines like the Janome DC5100, hand stitching is sometimes necessary for certain details, so have those needles in the kit as well. A needle threader for both machine and hand needles is helpful, too.
  • Various Types of Pins - Active sewists need lots of pins! A supply of standard straight pins is great; just be sure to choose quality pins with either glass or metal heads that can be used in most situations. Keep plenty of pins around, as well as a nice pincushion, so that pins are handy to use. Replace with new, fresh pins once they start to dull, since a sharp pin is important for preventing fabric damage.  
  • Seam Ripper - A seam ripper is one little gadget that no box of sewing machine supplies should ever be without. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when just learning to use their machines. Seam rippers make quick, easy work of removing stitching to make corrections and prevent fabric wastage.
  • Cutting Tools - Having the right cutting tools is essential when learning to sew. A sharp pair of dedicated fabric shears and a rotary cutter and mat are the two main cutting tools that everyone should have in their kit. Be sure to keep scissors and cutters sharp to prevent damage to fabric while cutting.
  • Measuring Tools - When cutting fabric for sewing projects, always remember to measure twice and cut once. Keep important measuring tools like a tape measure and a transparent, straight edge ruler handy. In addition, add a seam guide that helps seam measuring and alignment to the sewing accessories kit.
  • Marking Tools - Along with the right measuring and cutting tools, everyone should also have a variety of marking tools in their box of sewing machine supplies. Include a tracing wheel and tracing paper, tailor’s marking chalk, and a variety of pencils and pens that will show up on different fabrics.
  • Irons - Pressing seams is an important part of sewing neat, straight seams with the machine. Have an iron and ironing surface handy for quick, convenient use while working on different handmade garments and other projects.

Although there are many other sewing accessories that some may need for their specific projects, those listed above are the basic and essential ones that every box of sewing machine supplies should include. Depending on the project, consider adding things like different presser feet, interfacing, and other, more specific items. With access to the most necessary supplies, everyone can create the most wonderful items with their Janome DC5100 sewing machine!

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