The best way to start sewing in a professional manner is to acquire a sewing machine cabinet from our beautiful collection. Can you picture yourself sewing all sorts of different fabrics and pieces of clothing on your very own sewing cabinet? Well we can, and we think you’ll be perfect for our Fashion Cabinets Premium Collection 5610 Sewing Cabinet, which has features such as:

  • Its available in wonderfully vibrant colors, such as white & chocolate and rustic maple
  • It has very large drawers that are perfect for storing things
  • Its drawers make it really easy for a professional homemaker to stay organized
  • It has a highly advanced electric lift
  • Its bi-fold door is brilliant for saving space
  • It has a wonderfully unique design, unlike most others of its kind
  • It was designed to fit into compact sizes
  • It has an easy-to-use drop-down leaf
  • It has an opening that’s extra big for fitting all types of machine models
  • Its extra large opening can fit the largest of embroidery machines
  • For an additionally low cost, you can add an auto lift
  • It has an Insert II System
  • It has a highly functional, adaptable and powerful power strip
  • It has a very useful and easy-to-apply measuring tape
  • Its contour is made from high-quality laminate
  • It has a U-Caster that’s perfect for different maneuvers
  • It has a piano hinge that’s made for the avid seamstress

The dimensions of this cabinet are meant to be able to fit into tight places, which is one of its most popular features!