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Sewists use all kinds of unique and interesting accessories when using sewing machines every day. Thimbles are found in many sewing kits; however, does your personal stash include a set of thermal thimbles? These little rubber finger protectors  are very different from the metal thimbles you have seen and can be a necessity for most people who create projects with sewing machines like the Janome 2212.

What Is A Thermal Thimble?

A thimble is a little item that fits on the end of your finger to protect it. Most people are familiar with metal thimbles that protect fingers from being pricked by sewing needles and pins especially when hand stitching. Thermal thimbles are used for something completely different as opposed to the other versions..

These little rubber finger protectors are made from thermal resistant silicon and shield your fingers from burns, not sharp needles. Why burns you ask? Well, as most sewists know, an important part of making things on sewing machines is pressing down seams and removing fabric wrinkles. Thermal thimbles allow you to do this without the annoying fingertip burns that can result when you press material without them.

Pressing Can Leave You With Burned Fingertips!

One of the most annoying parts of pressing seams, folds, straps, and other small areas with a steam iron is burning your fingers. Yet to get a nice, straight press line so you can sew a crisp seam on your Janome 2212 or any other unit, you must hold the fabric down very close to the tip of the iron.

Unfortunately, this often results in burned fingertips. Whether your fingers are burned due to the steam at the front end of the iron or you accidentally touch the hot iron, it can be painful and slow down your sewing process.

How Do Thermal Thimbles Protect Your Fingers?

Thermal thimbles put an end to painful finger burns that occur when you press fabric in preparation for sewing on your Janome sewing machine. These grippy, textured silicone covers are sold in packs of three and slip snugly onto your thumb and first two fingers, staying on while you work.

The heat-resistant silicone protects your skin from the hot steam that blows out from under the nose of the iron while you press. It is even resistant enough to protect your fingers if you accidentally touch the hot iron. You may feel a little bit of warmth through the rubber, although that is about all you will feel.

Although you may not know who invented them, thermal thimbles are an amazing and helpful sewing accessory. Keep a couple of packs in your sewing accessories so when you are ready to iron your seams, you can slip them on and fearlessly press away. They are available in multiple sizes from any retailer who sells sewing machine supplies and one package costs just a few dollars. Your fingers will thank you and you will have fewer sewing interruptions when using your Janome 2212 or any other Janome sewing machines due to sore and painful finger burns!

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