Our Janome New Home MC7700QCP sewing and quilting machine unites years of Janome innovation. It comprises and ultimately produces the most advanced and comprehensive sewing and quilting machine ever. It’s got an 11″ x 4.7″ of work space, which makes it the largest machine in its class. Plus, it also features AcuFeed and the Superior Plus Feed System which ensures accurate operation. With innovative needle plate markings, it provides extra precision and guidance. The Automatic Plate Converter allows push-button conversion to a Straight Stitch Needle Plate for quilt piecing and free motion work. The 7700QCP offers a range of advanced features that will open up new possibilities for your creativity and passion.

With the automatic plate converter, all you have to do is select a straight stitch and it will change the size and shape of the needle hole. When the needle is going up and down in a single spot, the needle plate operates best with a very small and round hole. This is specifically important when you’re using light fabrics, stitching at high speeds, or doing free-motion quilting. In the end, the fabric won’t be pulled into the needle plate as it will stay flat and smooth. We’’re so sure you’’ll love this product, we include the popular Convertible Free Motion Foot Set as part of the standard accessories package.