Knits have been taking the sewing world by storm for quite a while now. They are light, comfortable, and so easy to take care of, but if you have never worked with them before, they can be intimidating. Sew Vac Direct is here to tell you that sewing with knits doesn’t have to be scary! When you pick the right knits, have the right tools, and know the right tips, it can be fun and fairly simple! Before you run out and grab your Janome sewing machine, read the following guide on how to sew with knits the right way:

  • Get the right supplies- Utilizing a serger can make sewing with knits a whole lot easier, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. However, you will need ballpoint needles or jersey (stretch) needles and twin needles (if your machine will take them. Look at your machine’s manual to find out).
  • Pick the right knit- Many patterns will have the Pick-A-Knit® guide on the back. Pay attention to this guide, and make sure that your fabric will stretch far enough. If the fabric you choose isn’t stretchy enough, your project is not likely to fit correctly, and it won’t end up as it should. The pattern should also give you suggestions for the type of fabric that you should use. Be sure to read that carefully before you start your project.

These are just a couple of the many things that you should consider before sewing with knits. If you want to learn more, please stay tuned for our next blog!