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Making beautiful quilts and wall hangings with quilting machines like the Juki TL 2200QVP-S is a creative outlet that can be a great deal of fun. It can also seem daunting if you are just starting out, as there are so many things you need to know. Though quilting with quality Juki quilting machines does involve a learning process, you can be successful by starting out with the right project.

Start Simple

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are learning to quilt is to start with a simple project that will be easier to complete. In doing so, you will be able to learn about the entire process and the best ways to use quilting machines, building your skills the whole time.

Consider taking a class to receive instructions on preferred techniques. Find some good reference books as a resource to improve your skills. Your first project may be an easy one; however, finishing it will be just what you need to move on to one that it a little more challenging.

Try A Pre-Cut Kit

Another option you can use as a great introduction to making beautiful quilts with a Juki TL 2200QVP-S is purchasing a kit with pre-cut pieces. One of the more significant frustrations you may experience when learning to quilt is correctly cutting out many small fabric pieces. While this is something you will eventually learn to do, focus on learning how to use the machine and actually sewing the project by using pre-cut pieces. Once your sewing skills have progressed, you can concentrate on perfecting the technique for fabric piecing.

Work with Larger Pieces

Some projects may include hundreds of tiny fabric pieces, while others use fewer, yet larger pieces. Just like starting with a simper project is often a good idea, beginning with a pattern that uses fewer and larger fabric pieces to make the quilt top is a great way to start out as well.

Using larger pieces will make your project come together more quickly and allow you to get through the quilting process from start to finish without losing interest or becoming discouraged. Having a finished project to show for your efforts is an important motivator to help you learn.

Have Required Time and Space Available

You should always dedicate two things to the projects you will make when using great Juki quilting machines or similar models: time and working space. You need to take the time to learn so you will be pleased with your results and the space needed to work in comfort. Quilting is a slow process and requires learning many new sewing skills. To learn them properly, you need a large, clean, and well-lit workspace. When you have both, you will be pleased with your results.

If you are thinking of learning how to quilt with great Juki quilting machines like the Juki TL 2200QVP-S, do not let intimidation keep you from exploring this fun hobby. Instead, begin your exploration with an easier project that allows you to learn the basics of working with quilting machines. Once you understand the process and have gotten some practice at it, chances are you will look forward to starting your next project!

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