Sewing enthusiasts everywhere have been debating the question of whether to pre-wash or not for years. There are benefits to both options, and the real answer to this question comes down to your own personal preference, but we know that really doesn’t help anyone, so our experts have set out to make things more transparent for you. The following is a list of the arguments for pre-washing your fabric before you sit down to your sewing machine table and get to work:

  • Pre-shrinks fabric- If you are using your fabric to make an outfit or any other type of apparel, then you may want to consider pre-washing it so that it doesn’t shrink when you go to wear it later on. If you are very concerned about shrinking, especially if you are sewing with cotton fabrics, like¬†flannel, then pre-washing is very important.
  • Prevents dyes from bleeding on other fabrics- If you are sewing with a couple of different kinds of fabrics or colors, pre-washing can help to prevent the colors for bleeding into one another and ruining your finished project.
  • Removes chemicals- New fabric may contain chemicals, and if you have sensitive skin this can be a real problem. Pre-washing will help to remove many of those chemicals, long before they ever come in contact with your skin.

Pre-washing can come with many benefits, and there are many strong arguments for pre-washing all of your fabric before you use it. Learn about the arguments against pre-washing when you stay tuned for our next blog.