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Deciding on the best sewing machine to buy requires some thought. There are many different brands and models, offering everything from a very basic model to highly advanced electronic versions. Whether searching for a simple model like the Janome 2212, a high end verison like the Janome MC1200, or want something inbetween like the Janome HD1000, or need something more specialized like Janome sewing machines designed for quilting or embroidery, be sure to make the right choice for you by considering the following 5 buying tips.

1. Price Range

To begin narrowing down the options when searching for the right sewing machines, determine a spending limit. There are machines available for a couple hundred dollars or as high as many thousands of dollars. While not every sewist needs the most expensive model, it is important to understand that features and quality will increase the price. Determine how the machine will be used, come up with a budget, then begin searching within that price range for the best options.

2. Brand Reputation

Like most other products for sale, there are some preferred sewing machine brand names and others that may not be as well liked. Research brands like Janome sewing machines to learn about their quality and durability, brand reputation, and what other users have to say about the machines. Better brands usually cost more; however, even the more expensive brands offer a various models to fit different needs and budgets.

3. Mechanical, Computerized, or Electronic

Sewing machines have advanced considerably in the past few decades. All machines used to be just mechanical, controlled with manual adjustments and run by a motor and mechanical parts. There are now many computerized models controlled and run by built-in computers as well as electronic models that function like hybrid models.

Computerized models offer the most in terms of special features and functions, while manual ones offer the least. Mechanical models are typically heavier but are significantly less complicated and require less maintenance. Research the pros and cons of each type to make the most best choice.

Stitch Functions and Special Features

Every sewing machine performs basic functions; more advanced machines can do much more. When comparing models, always look for the types of standard and specialty stitches the machine can make as well as other features like speed controls, automatic threaders, automatic tension adjustment, needle positioning, thread cutters, and many other extras.

Each person who sews has different needs when it comes to sewing machines, so be sure know what you want and whether your budget will allow you to consider a machine that does meet all your sewing needs.

Available Attachments and Presser Feet

Once all of the above has been determined, consider the various brands and what will be included in the package in terms of attachments. Most machines like the Janome HD1000 come with commonly used presser feet including a universal foot, a zipper foot, and a buttonhole attachment. Knowing which attachments you will personally need (not just want) will be a vital part of making a final purchasing decision.

Although there are many more things you can consider when choosing which sewing machine to buy, these five are the main ones that should be included in any decision-making process. Researching different brands and models like the Janome HD1000 and other Janome sewing machines may take some time; however, it is time well invested.

An old adage about the purchase of sewing machines is to get what you need to fit your sewing habits, then add "extras" as the budget allows. Use that as a guideline and you'll wind up with the best machine to fit your individual sewing needs - and your budget!

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