The right presser foot can ensure the project you make with any sewing or quilting machine turns out exactly how you expect rather than turning into an uneven mess.

One foot that every sewist working with a Janome quilting machine should definitely include in his or her quilting accessories is a walking foot that works in conjunction with the feed dogs to forward the fabric so it stitches correctly.

Even though it makes sewing multiple layers easy, there is a lot more to this super-useful presser foot than quilting as it is helpful for regular sewing, too.

No matter what you’re making with a model like the Janome 1600P-QC High Speed Sewing & Quilting machine, check out these additional ways that a walking presser foot can be your sewing BFF!.

Sewing Knits

Beyond sewing the multiple layers that go together to make the quilt sandwich that gets stitched together on a Janome quilting machine, a walking foot is perfect for removing the challenges that come when sewing those hard-to-work-with knits that can stretch while being sewn.

An effective way to alleviate this problem is using a walking foot that can "walk" the fabric under the needle with the feed dogs so there is not any pushing, pulling, or stretching that can happen with a standard presser foot.

With both layers of fabric advanced evenly, you can make perfect seams on knit fabric with this useful little helper.

Sewing Plaids

Plaids can be a challenge to work with, just like knits although for a completely different reason.

If you’ve ever worked with plaid before, you already know how frustrating it can be to line up the fabric perfectly so the pattern matches and then find that it’s shifted just slightly during sewing on your Janome 1600P-QC High Speed Sewing & Quilting machine, throwing the whole pattern off.

A walking foot can alleviate the shifting issue by forwarding both layers of fabric together with the feed dogs working from the bottom and the presser foot working from the top so that nothing moves out of place.

Your plaids will look perfectly aligned at the seams, giving your items a professionally-finished look!

Sewing Challenging Specialty Fabrics

A walking presser foot is also an invaluable go-to sewing and quilting accessory when you want to work with specialty and other fabrics that behave differently under the needle when a universal foot is used.

Some examples of fabrics you should use your walking foot with include:

  • Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic - A normal presser foot may stick to these fabrics as it slides over, causing feed problems; the walking foot actually lifts up as it works, preventing sticking.
  • Fine, Slippery Fabrics - Satins, sheers, and other slippery fabrics can slide around under the needle when sewn with a standard foot; a walking foot gently grabs the fabric to forward it evenly.
  • Thick and Bulky Fabrics - Some thicker fabrics don’t fit comfortably under a universal presser foot; the easiest way to accommodate for thick and bulky fabric is with a walking foot that lifts up and down to handle layers and bulkiness with ease.

Ready to Put Your Walking Foot to Good Use?

The moral of this story is that although they are a critical quilting accessory used by quilters all over to keep their layers together for perfect stitching, the walking presser foot is capable of a lot more.

If you don’t have a walking foot for your sewing and quilting machine, you need one.

Even if you do already have one, are you taking full advantage of what it can do for you?

Keep a walking foot handy to use with your Janome machine so you can deal with stretchy, sticky, and slippery situations like a pro!

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