Boxed corners are a technique used to turn normal seams done on sewing machines into flat areas, such as the bottom of a boxed tote bag. Creating these corners on sewing machines like the Janome MC9900 may seem difficult; however, it is actually much easier to do than it looks. Best of all, there are a few different ways that boxed corners can be made.

Sewing A Standard Boxed Corner

Beginning by laying the fabric piece together with the right side in. Use a straight stitch to sew along the sides and bottom of the fabric, leaving a seam allowance of about one-half inch. Pull the two layers of fabric apart to form a point, making sure the sewn bottom seam stays on top and aligned in the middle. Carefully align the seams so the top and side seams lay over each other and pin the fabric into place.

Working across the pointed and pinned corner, mark the depth of the box with a fabric pencil by drawing a line across it. There should be a triangle marked off at the top. Stitch along the marked line, creating the corner. Once secure, trim off the excess triangle, leaving a half-inch allowance. Turn the corner right side out and the box has been created.

Sewing A Cut Out Boxed Corner

Another method of creating a boxed corner starts with the fabric folded the same way  withright side in; however, before doing any stitching on a sewing machine, the excess corner is cut out. Cut a square from the fabric corner that is the width desired of the boxed corner and stitch down the side and across the bottom, leaving a one-half inch allowance. Do not stitch the cut out area.

Pull the two layers of fabric apart and lay them so the side seam is on top of the bottom seam. Pin in this position and sew across the unstitched end, leaving a one-half inch allowance. Turn the fabric right side out and push out the corner; no further trimming is necessary.

Sewing A Boxed Corner Into the Seam

One last method for creating this convenient corner when using sewing machines like the Janome MC9900 involves adding a few extra folds of the fabric. Begin with the fabric folded so the wrong sides are together. Fold the fabric back so the wrong side shows, leaving an allowance at the original fold that is the width of the desired corner. Turn the fabric over and fold the second side the same way, resulting in the fabric on the wrong side with an ‘M’ folded into the bottom seam area. Stitch the side seam only, all the way down through the folded corner, leaving an allowance of about three-quarters of an inch. After sewing, turn the fabric right side out and push the corner out.

A boxed corner sewn on Janome sewing machines turns any plain tote or seam into one that is more utilitarian than a plain, flat closure. By using these three different methods, anyone stitching on sewing machines such as the Janome MC9900 should be able to make beautiful projects that include convenient boxed corners. Boxed corners are just one of the many easy-to-learn skills that can be used to produce professional looking projects, without any mystery!

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