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There are so many sewing machines available for purchase that it is easy to get confused when trying to choose the right one. Is an all purpose model like the Janome HD3000 one to try or should a sewist look for more advanced features?

Choosing the right model, whether Janome sewing machines or any other brand, requires asking a few questions in order to make the right purchasing decision. To simplify the process a bit, use the list below to narrow the selection down to certain options.

Project Types

The first question that should be asked when searching for sewing machines is what type of projects will you have. There are many all purpose machines that can be used for many types of sewing as well as specialty machines that have additional features for more advanced projects.

Select a model that is comfortable to use that also provides the features necessary for any specific ventures. Consider one with wraparound ability if making garments or one with a deeper throat for working on quilts.  

Quality of Parts

When comparing various models, always inspect the quality of the parts on the machine and judge its overall feel. Some may feel lightweight like a toy, while others will feel more substantial. Bobbins should be metal if possible and the bobbin holder should be easy to use.

All buttonholers, adjustments, attachments, and workable parts should be easy to use and operate smoothly. Check pedal sensitivity and be sure it is comfortable to use; run the machine if possible to see how quiet it is when working.

Availability of Parts and Accessories

Research the parts and accessories available for the various Janome sewing machines and other models to get an idea of the additional functions that can be performed when using them. Learn what repair parts are available, what repairs the warranty covers, and if the machine can be repaired locally.  

Manual or Auto Threading

Threading the Janome HD3000 sewing machine can be challenging for some sewists. Many machines now include automatic threading options. Before deciding on any machine, always try threading it first to be sure it threads well enough for your needs.  

Options and Features

Besides quality and the availability of parts and accessories, consider the built-in features and options, as some sewing machines offer more than others. Overlock stitching and backward stitching are two very useful features to look for as are buttonhole options, a blind hemming feature, and various stitch options. Computerized models offer more stitches and features; specialty models typically offer features needed for those special projects.

With so many features, functions, and options available on the different sewing machines, it is no wonder why choosing the best one can be so difficult. Sewists must consider their own experience level, how the machine will primarily be used, the quality of each machine, and what features they need on their Janome sewing machines. Whether starting with a model like the Janome HD3000 sewing machine or looking for a specialty model for making quilts or garments, consider the important ideas above in order to make the best choice!

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