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Working with quality Janome sewing machines like the Janome 7330 can be a lot of fun, offering you a great way to be creative while producing both useful and beautiful items. Learning to sew with sewing machines does take a little time; however, there are many ways to improve this process by observing some very basic ideas. The tips below can help you achieve the best results and really enjoy the time you spend sewing.

Learn About Fabric

There are countless types of fabric available today that can be used to make garments and all sorts of other items. Yet to get the best results with any project made on sewing machines, you must know a bit about various fabrics and whether they are suitable for a project. It is important to learn the individual qualities of each type of fabric and that fabric can behave differently both before and after sewing.

A little research should be done before choosing a fabric to ensure it is the best option for your intended project. This will reduce disappointment and waste while making sure your project turns out as expected.

Use the Right Needle

One rule of thumb when sewing on a Janome 7330 is to always start a new project with a new needle; however, there are a few more considerations. Needles come in a variety of types and specifications, each of which are useful with certain fabric types. You need to choose a size and style that will promote effective stitching without thread breakage or damage to the fabric.

Generally speaking, lighter fabrics require smaller and thinner needles, while heavier material needs the opposite. Do some research to choose the most appropriate needle for the fabric.

Use the Right Cutting Tools

You should have at least one or more dedicated pair of sharp fabric scissors that are used only for cutting fabric. Sharp shears make the easiest and most precise cuts without damaging the fabric or affecting the pattern. A rotary wheel and cutting mat may be an even better option for making fast and stress-free cuts. They are useful when you need to cut many small fabric pieces, although their versatility makes them ideal for all sewists.

Don't Forget Sewing Machine Maintenance

The best way you can avoid problems with Janome sewing machines is to keep your machine cleaned and well-maintained. It should be taken apart and any lint and dirt cleaned away to eliminate thread binding or knotting as well as other problems that may occur. All moving parts should be oiled to keep everything working smoothly and reduce wear. A well-maintained machine is a happy one that will provide years of trouble-free service.

Work Slowly

Most sewing mistakes are made from working too fast, whether in the planning phase or during the actual machine sewing itself. You should always work slowly and think things through, especially once the fabric is under the needle. Complicated seams and cuts require careful attention to be done correctly. By working slowly, you can avoid the mistakes that cost time, effort, and even fabric.

The simple tips above can go a long way in helping you truly enjoy working with sewing machines like the Janome 7330. With a good understanding of fabrics and knowledge of how to use the most appropriate tools and equipment, you will have fewer problems with your Janome sewing machine and use all your energy to create beautiful projects by making sewing a breeze!

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