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When you have a great workspace your sewing creation efforts, using sewing machines is quite often a pleasure. Yet  there’s more to a great workspace than just your machine and a sewing cabinet. Whether you have an Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 or some other type of cabinet, create the most enjoyable and comfortable workspace possible by using the great tips below.

Start With the Basics

Before you can create an attractive and functional workspace for your sewing machine, you should know the basics you must address to properly set up the room, such as the following:

  • Lighting - Your room should have excellent overhead lighting along with a lot of natural lighting, if possible. Individual workstations should also be well-lit with lamps if necessary so you well-lighted work area without shadows.
  • Space - In addition to any Arrow sewing cabinets you may purchase, you also need other work surfaces, like a large cutting table and an ironing station. If your room is large, you should be able to easily fit in these and other components. In a smaller room, you may need to purchase smaller components or use items that perform double duties. Just be sure you are able to work comfortably with your cabinet and other work surfaces.
  • Storage and Organization - If you have been sewing for any amount of time, you already know you will need many accessories, tools, notions, patterns, fabric rolls, etc. To contain them and keep your space organized and clean, you will need functional and convenient ways to store everything.

Get Creative With the Rest

Once you know the basic necessities you will need in your sewing room, start to plan your space and purchase the components and accessories you will need to set it up as follows:

  • Room Layout - Experiment with the room layout. Although you will want to make your Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 cabinet the focus of the space, it does not necessarily have to be pushed up against the wall. Move your cabinet and other components around to find an attractive layout that also gives you the space and light you need.
  • Storage Options - Of all the ways to construct a unique workspace for your sewing machine, using creative storage ideas is one of the best. Beyond the basics, consider stylish ways to keep your various supplies handy and organized by using all sorts of containment methods. Use wall shelves or cork boards with pins to hang things on or install hangers and hooks onto the wall. Contain small items in hardware drawer units, plastic bins, and glass jars. Put your thread spool organizer on the wall and use wire racks and organizers to hold patterns, fabric, and other larger items. Display items in bowls and baskets. When it comes to creative storage, the sky’s the limit. The more visible your items are, the more unique your space will look.
  • Decorations - Do not forget to decorate as well. Hang attractive and motivational prints on the wall. Create some character with various storage and decorative choices, then design the room with a color palette so everything looks like it belongs. You can even display your stored fabric in unique ways to add to the visual appeal of your space and make it more curious and inviting. A room designed to promote creativity should be bright, active, and creative itself.

Even though you should always include the basics like great sewing cabinets and the right workspaces in your sewing room, it is really how you organize and display all the other things that make it unique. Move things around, experiment with unusual storage ideas, and make things bright and colorful. Sewing machines stored in Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 cabinets are just one part of an inviting sewing room!

Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 Sewing Cabinet In White

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