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If you have been using sewing machines for some time, chances are you have become fairly good at sewing. You know your way around high-quality machines like Juki sewing machines and have developed many advanced sewing skills.

If this sounds like you, would you like to know some more little tricks used by professional sewists to work quickly and still get great results?

Try the tips below with your Juki HZL F300. Experienced sewists who have mastered their personal machines should have few problems using these helpful tips.

Crease - Don’t Mark

One of the most time-consuming parts of making clothing with sewing machines is not the sewing portion - it is all the measuring, marking, and cutting. Depending on the pattern, some professional sewists skip the marking and just cut along the pattern.

This does require being very accurate; however, experienced sewists won't find this a problem. When marking smaller pieces of fabric, fold and crease it or quickly press it instead. Creases can conveniently substitute for both cut and sew lines.

Become Best Friends With Your Iron!

Pressing is another essential step in producing high-quality garments. Press the fabric before cutting so it is smooth. Press seams flat as soon as they are sewn.

Press guide creases as mentioned above and use the steam function when shaping darts and curves for best results.

Group Your Actions

One other way professional sewists save time and still ensure their items stitch up perfectly is by grouping similar actions. Cut out and mark all your pattern pieces, then press them. Sit down in front of your Juki HZL F300 and do all the stitching.

If there are other steps in your process, do them all at the same time. You will easily get through each step without the constant interruption of stopping and starting all over again.

Clip Curves

Stitching around curves can be challenging. Unless it is done the right way, you can wind up with wavy, bunched up seams. Advanced sewists advice that the best way to avoid this is to clip and notch your curves. These two techniques are essential for smooth and flat curved seams that look professionally sewn.

Always Use Staystitching

The other detail that amateurs avoid and professional sewists never skimp on is staystitching. It is essential when sewing curves or working with fabric that wants to shift; it keeps edges properly aligned for final sewing.

One of the true signs of a professionally made garment is perfect shoulders, armholes, and other tricky curved areas. Staystitching will help you achieve this with Juki sewing machines.

Choose the Right Finishing Method

Another detail that is a sign of professional workmanship is knowing how to choose the best finishing methods for each various project. There are countless ways you can seam and hem different fabrics and items.

Some will look better than others depending on what you are making. Over time, you will develop the skill and experience to know which options is the best choice.

Most importantly, do what works for you. Everyone develops their own little tricks to get great results with sewing machines like the Juki HZL F300. Incorporate these professional tips into your process if possible. No matter how it is done, you can get professional looking results working with great Juki sewing machines!

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