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Sewing with faux fur using quality Janome sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 can be a lot of fun. You can make amazing garments, costumes, and other items with imitation fur that mimics the look of the real thing, that is if you know how to use it the right way. If you have been unsatisfied in the past when working with faux fur using your sewing machine, try the tips below. You will love the results and not have the disappointment.

Know Your Nap

The most important detail to consider if you want to achieve the best results when working with faux fur on your Janome sewing machine is finding the nap. Nap is the direction the fur lays on the backing. This is the most critical part of the entire process since you need to match the direction of the nap with each fabric piece to make the fur all lay in one direction, usually downward. 

Cutting Faux Fur

The biggest mistake you can make when working with faux fur is cutting it improperly. If you cut it the way you do any other fabric, you may cut off parts of the long fur. The edges will look like your fur had a weird hair cut. Fortunately, it is very easy to avoid this problem by cutting through the backing only.

There are two ways to expertly cut faux fur when cutting the pattern pieces to sew on your Janome HD3000.

  1. After marking the pattern pieces on the fabric backing, carefully snip through the backing with just the end of your fabric shears. The fur will pull apart and look quite natural once the backing is cut.
  2. The other way to do this is by carefully cutting through the backing with a razor blade or hobby knife. The goal is to cut the backing without cutting any of the fur.

Pinning Faux Fur

Once the pattern pieces have been cut and each is marked with direction of the nap, you need to pin your pieces to prepare for stitching on your sewing machine. Lay your fabric with the fur sides facing each other, both with the nap running in the same direction. Then push in all the fur hairs so that none hangs out from the edges to be stitched in the seam. Pin with extra-long pins.

Sewing Faux Fur

Properly sewing faux fur to get best results involves a few important steps.

  1. Mark the stitch lines on the fabric backing which will help you keep your machine stitching straight. Use a ¼-inch seam allowance.
  2. Baste the fabric together using long stitches sewn straight down through both layers of fur. Adjust your machine to a longer stitch length and stitch a test piece to see how your machine handles the thick fabric. If you encounter feed issues, either drop the feed dogs or put on a walking presser foot.
  3. Stitch slowly along the marked stitch line, then open up the fabric. You should have two pieces of material that blend nicely into one while hiding the seam.

If you have ever been frustrated when stitching faux fur on a sewing machine like the fun Janome HD3000, the simple tips above should help. If you pay attention to the nap and the way you handle the furry part of the fabric, you should have few problems achieving great results when sewing faux fur on Janome sewing machines!

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