How exciting it is to use a favorite fabric such as wool to make cool weather garments on sewing machines like the Janome 7330. It has been used for centuries because of its warmth and how well it performs in harsh conditions.

Do you actually know why wool is such a warming fiber? When you know how wool works to hold in warmth, it will be easier to understand when to choose this great fabric for clothing you sew with Janome sewing machines!

It’s All In the Fiber

Wool is a unique fabric with many qualities that make it an ideal fabric choice for sewing a variety of of clothing with sewing machines. The main difference that separates it from other fabrics is the wool fiber itself, which is much stronger and more elastic than other natural fibers.

Wool fibers contain moisture, which prevents it from drying out, give it elasticity, and reduces breakage. It is also bulkier than other fiber and has a slight crimp to it. The crimp and bulkiness are key to how woolen fabric is able to retain heat so well.

How Wool Stays So Warm

Most natural fibers used to make fabric for clothing sewn on Janome sewing machines are smooth and lay flat against each other during the spinning and weaving process. Wool fibers, with their natural crimp and coarseness, lay against each other less smoothly, leaving tiny air pockets between the fibers. This is also why some wool made from coarser fibers can feel a bit scratchy.

Through the process of convection, warmer air moving through the fabric is then retained by these tiny pockets rather than flowing through the fiber as it would with cotton and other fiber. Wet or damp wool can hold even more warmth since the fibers, made from cuticle-wrapped cortical cells, undergo a chemical change when they get wet.

The chemical reaction within the core of the fiber actually produces its own heat. As the fibers continue to wick moisture and then produce heat, the wearer remains dry and warm whether a sheep or a person.

Wool Can Be Both Warm and Cool

One of the most amazing qualities about wool that many people do not realize is it can be both warm and cool depending on a few factors. Finer wool with less of a crimp tends to be cooler than coarser wool with more of a crimp. This is especially true when woven more loosely to allow warmth to easily escape the fabric.

Finer wool woven just the right way can be perfect for sewing warm weather clothing on a Janome 7330. The wool will draw away moisture and warmth and allow it to escape. Conversely, coarser or even finer wool that is woven more tightly produces a denser fabric that holds warmth in the best. This warmth retaining ability is directly related to how many air pockets remain in the fibers after spinning and weaving and how large they are.

By varying the type of fiber by how tightly it's spun, how densely it’s woven, and if it’s woven to have texture, it is possible to produce wool of different weights and textures that hold heat differently that you can sew with wonderful results on Janome sewing machines.

If you’ve ever wondered how wool socks and sweaters stay so warm or that you can sew lightweight garments with wool, understand that it’s all in the fiber. Wool fiber is incredibly complex and can do amazing things. When combined in different ways, wool produces some of the warmest and coolest fabrics you can use for making clothes on sewing machines like the Janome 7330!

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