There are two main techniques used by sewers for creating fitted, comfortable, and wearable garments, those being pleats and darts. Darts sewn on sewing machines are basically the opposite of a pleat and are an adjustment often used to fit a garment. Easily done on Janome sewing machines like the Janome 8900QCP, darts provide a smart, tailored look to any garment where a little extra form is necessary for the best appearance.

Where Are Darts Used?

Darts are most commonly sewn anywhere that it is necessary to remove fullness in a pattern to make it more tailored. They are useful at the hips and waist of pants and skirts or along the bustline of tops and blouses. They can also be used to adjust sleeve width at the cuffs, on dresses without waistlines, and anywhere else it is necessary to curtail excess fabric that can look or feel too loose. Darts allow garments to be sewn so they are curved and hug the body rather than leaving garments shapeless.

How To Sew Easy Darts

All darts are sewn in the same basic way, although dart positioning, length, and width will depend on the type of garment and what is being fitted. Darts are always sewn in pairs, on opposite sides of the garment, to ensure the garment is evenly fitted. For creating easy darts, follow these few simple steps:

  • Mark the Fabric - After determining the location and size of the darts, mark the fabric on the back side with dots or lines to appropriately mark a wedge-shaped dart. Be sure to mark darts evenly on both sides of the pattern so they correspond.
  • Fold the Fabric - On most patterns, the centerline of the dart is a solid line and the two sides to be brought together are dotted lines. Fold on the solid line and bring the dotted lines together to match. The widest part of the dart on the edge of the fabric should be even.
  • Pin the Dart For Sewing - Pin together the two dotted lines evenly.
  • Sew the Dart - With the folder material to the right side, sew the dart down using any type of sewing machine, like the Janome 8900QCP. Start at the widest part of the triangle or wedge and sew slowly and gradually toward the point. From the front, all that should be visible is a neatly sewn gather line. The excess fabric can be left as it is, or clipped open if bulk is a problem. In either case, press the excess fabric flat on the underside of the garment.

When used in the right areas, darts are an easy and attractive way to tuck in excess fabric on any garment to create a more fitted look. When sewn on Janome sewing machines like the Janome 8900QCP, creating a dart can turn any project sewn at home from a pattern into a professional-looking garment that will wear beautifully. Learning how to make precise darts is a great sewing skill to learn, an essential technique for anyone who makes clothing using sewing machines!

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