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The best thing about making projects on sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 is the freedom you have to create anything you want. While you may not want to go wild altering the pattern, you can still incorporate some uniqueness into the design by using different types of garment closures.

Instead of settling for the same old thing when sewing things on Janome sewing machines, consider using a different closure to add some style. There are so many choices other than just the average button or zipper.

Zippers of All Kinds

Common zippers perform the necessary task of opening and closing a garment or another item;  however, did you know there are all types of zippers? Besides a common plastic or metal zipper, you can use a decorative one made of colored metals, oversized teeth, or ones with fancy pulls to attract attention.

You can also choose an inset or flat-top zipper for certain projects to make the zipper more attractive. You can use an invisible zipper for garments and other projects to hide the zipper. Before settling for the same old thing, think about the many options you have to add some style to your zipper closure.

Buttons - Plain and Fancy

Like zippers, buttons are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rather than using a small, plain button on your project, think about using a fancier button to make a fun and stylish closure. You can even make your own buttons using various crafting techniques.

Check your Janome sewing machine manual for the buttonhole sizes you can make and choose accordingly or use an attachment to add larger holes for special buttons.

Metal and Magnetic Snaps

Snaps make great closures for projects done on sewing machines like the Janome HD3000. Snaps come in various types and sizes. Push-together snaps make quick and convenient closures for bags and other accessories and work well on some garments like jackets, kids clothing, and more. Magnetic snaps are attractive closures for purses, bags, and totes of all kinds; they provide the added bonus of being hidden.

Push Locks

Push locks, or tuck locks, are a two-part closure that you can use on a variety of items made using the Janome HD3000. These closures work when one part is pushed into the second part, hooking under a bar that holds it in place.

They are commonly seen on backpacks, purses, bags, and totes as well as for certain garments. On clothing, push locks can be either decorative or functional, giving you another closure option a bit more interesting than a button.

Twist Locks

Twist or turn locks are another type of a two-part closure, like the push lock, that work in a slightly different way. With a twist lock, the two pieces are pushed together and closed by being turned or twisted. 

They are commonly used on purses, totes, and accessories to create a professional-looking, yet simple closure. They are available in many sizes as well as both plain and decorative styles.

The next time you need a button or zipper for your project, maybe you should consider something other than the same old thing. Learn how to incorporate unique closures that turn your Janome sewing machine project into a one-of-a-kind item. Although the closures referenced above are not the only ones to use on things made using sewing machines like the Janome HD3000, they are some of the more attractive and popular ones that are preferred by many sewist!

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