Nothing kills the urge to sew faster than a needle that will not thread. Yet the needle and thread are essential parts of sewing machines; without them, nothing will get accomplished. So what can a person do when the needle on their Juki sewing machines will not thread? Following are a few tips to help when dealing with the most basic, yet important of all sewing machine supplies!

Let There Be Light!

The most important tip for quick and easy threading of sewing machine needles is to illuminate the area with some bright light. It is essential to have a good view of the eye of the needle in order to successfully pass a thread through that tiny hole. Many sewing machines have work lights, so if there is one, turn it on. Turn on a desk or hobby light as well to brighten the entire workspace. A flashlight pointed at the area may also be helpful. Additionally, highlight the point and eye of the needle by putting a finger behind it. This creates contrast, making the hole easier to spot.

Trim the Thread

After getting the work area nice and bright, trim the end of the thread so the tip is not frayed or fuzzy. A cleanly trimmed end will pass through the eye much easier, while a frayed, pulled apart end will usually not fit. After a few failed attempts, trim the edge again. Keep trimming so the tip is always tight. Licking or wetting the end of the thread can also help prevent the fibers from pulling apart while trying to pass it through the eye.  

Focus on the Problem

When working with small things like a needle and thread, it is important to get up close in order to focus on the problem at hand. Between the problem of poor eyesight or strained eyes and shaky hands, a closer view is necessary, along with a firm hold on the thread very close to the end. Holding the thread too far back allows the fibers to bend when they contact the needle, rather than passing through the opening. To most easily get the fibers through the eye of Juki sewing machines, the thread should be held as close to the end as possible, with just enough excess to slide it into the eye and pull it through from the other side.

Use A Needle Threader

If nothing else seems to work or to completely avoid any possible problems, there is a better way - an automatic needle threader. These convenient sewing machine supplies can generally be purchased to use with a variety of sewing machines. Any cost will quickly pay for itself in reduced frustration and wasted time spent trying to thread that annoying needle.

So before you go crazy trying to get that needle threaded the next time you sew, use the important tips referenced here and accomplish this annoying task quickly and easily. With enough light and the right techniques, anyone can be successful when threading their Juki sewing machines. For those who prefer to avoid the problem altogether, an automatic needle threader is often available for sewing machines and may be one of the most worthwhile investments in sewing machine supplies a person can make!

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