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One great thing about making clothing and other projects with sewing machines like the Janome HD1000 is the many stitch options available. Most units, including quality Janome sewing machines, can make a whole array, each one suitable for a specific use. Choose the best one for your needs by learning about each stitch category.


Utility stitches are the basic ones sewing machines can make that you will use the most. They are designed for making seams and holding your projects together. Although these basic ones are necessary to piece together any type of sewing project and may be labeled differently on each machine, all models including the Janome HD1000 offer the following:

  • Straight - This is the standard utility stitch used for most sewing. Options on many machines include left or right needle positioning to allow stitching to be closer or further from the seam allowance.
  • Zigzag - The zigzag is a simple reinforcement stitch that is useful for seam edges, sewing around buttonholes, or even as a decoration. Some machines also include a 3-point zigzag that can be used to finish stretchier fabric.
  • Stretch - This is a simple option when working with fabric that has some stretch and a bit of give in the seam is necessary.
  • Blind Hem - The blind hem is useful for making hems with hidden stitches. It is usually included for use on stretchy fabric.


Edge stitches are used to finish seam or fabric edges to give projects sewn with Janome sewing machines a neat and professional look. Basic edge versions that come standard with some machines include:

  • Overlock - The overlock makes a clean seam with an enclosed allowance similar to those created by the sergers used for factory-made garments.
  • Double Overedge - This is another stitch used for making edges with a clean, wrapped finish or to prevent fabric edges from fraying.
  • Saddle - The saddle is a simple stitch that is commonly used to edge heavier fabric like leather and vinyl.


Most sewing machines, including the Janome HD1000, come with at least one buttonhole stitch. More advanced models may have a wider choice including the following:   

  • Automatic Buttonhole Feature - This feature makes a complete buttonhole based on the known size of the button.
  • Squared or Rounded Buttonhole - This is for buttonholes with a squared shape for shirts and coats or more rounded for blouses and other delicate items.
  • Eyelet - Some machines include one that makes round, wrapped eyelets.
  • Stretch Buttonhole - This is used with fabric that has some stretch.
  • Keyhole Buttonhole  - The keyhole is a buttonhole shaped like a keyhole with a larger opening on the top and a slit on the bottom.
  • Darning - This is usually used for mending holes and tears but is technically a buttonhole.


Various decorative stitches are available on the different Janome sewing machines. Most simpler models come with a few basic ones that are great for topstitching and embellishing; those included may be assorted flower, clover, heart, and vine stitches. There is also heirloom, cross-stitch, and other types that make swirls and patterns with the thread. Many units include a satin one, which is a type of zigzag generally used for embroidering letters and outlines on embroidery machines.

Even if you use a more basic machine like the Janome HD1000, there are many stitches available that you can use in a few different categories. All sewing machines include utility versions and usually one or two specialty ones as well. If you want more variety, look into Janome sewing machines that offer the specialty stitches you need!

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